26.06.2019 - 31.07.2019

„Overturning the concept of streetart we definitely want to distance ourselves from the obsolete practice that arises on the street and ends up in the institutionalized circuits of galleries and museums around the world. The artstreet is revolution, novelty and new beauty. We do not bring art into the street, but we transform the street into a work of art „. With these words Gio Montez starts artSTREET , a program of residencies and urban interventions that will take place at Atelier Montez, in the historic outskirts of Rome Pietralata, in the months of June and July 2019.

What is artSTREET
Over the next two months, guest artists will be invited to study and explore topics such as urban regeneration, social inclusion and environmental impact, principles on which the activity of Atelier Montez is based , which for over 5 years it is one of the most active promoters of innovation in a predominantly industrial destination, which is currently experiencing an important urban and social transformation (gentrification).

The residences
The first guest artists of the artSTREET residences will be the artists Tancredi Fornasetti (1983) and Jos Diegel (1982) . The first will present his works on Wednesday 26 June, at 6.30 pm, again at the Atelier Montez, in via di Pietralata 147 / a. Fornasetti has worked in the past on the issue of positive environmental impact, using AirLite paints, a powder paint that, when activated in contact with light (both natural and artificial), transforms polluting agents into salt molecules. A paint able to „eat“ the dirt in the air, purifying it of present pollution.

The second artist, on the other hand, will take over in July and will deepen the discussion on the new cinematic realism in the outskirts of Pietralata, inspired by the nascent local poetry that takes its cue from the Cinematic Realism of Pasolini, Fellini, Antonioni etc. and develops an unpublished poetic that we could define as New Cinematic Realism, which was born with the first film of this type, IN EXISTING directed by Gio Montez with Ludovico Fremont, leading actor, made in 2017 in the same neighborhood and not yet presented to the public. During the residency, Diegel will use a 35mm to film his documentary adventures in the neighborhood and will use a particular impromptu editing technique made, like a performance, in the presence of the public.

The artists
Tancredi Fornasetti , born in 1983, lives and works in Rome where he graduated in Decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts, following the course of Professor Michele Cossyro. His production crosses the universe of geometric abstraction, giving shape to architectures and polygons that recall the rationalism of the 1930s, animated by a contemporary pop charge.

Following, Jos Diegel , painter and experimental filmmaker, works between Offenbach and Berlin. His works can be placed in that line called „frontier cinema“, a poor cinema, which goes beyond the traditional canons and is told through a completely independent language, developed through free-wheel shooting in the streets „with a scroll of analog film in the barrel ”. Thus a poor cinema, whose scarce means become virtues, bears daily witness to life on the margins of society.

The location
Atelier Montez , located in via di Pietralata 147 / a Rome, is a contemporary art factory born in 2012 from the redevelopment of an urban wreck between the Natural Reserve of the Aniene and the historical outskirts of Rome, Pietralata, built on a project by Artist Gio Montez, Giacomo Capogrossi and Architect Francesco Perri. Open every day, except Mondays, from 6pm to 10pm. Its mission is to counter the uncontrolled expansion of the urban periphery and sprawl by offering appropriate cultural activities and creating a characteristic image and identity that is shared with the reference territory. through cultural events, artistic and craft productions and other cultural events with a high social inclusion.

Location: Atelier Montez, Via di Pietralata, 147, Rome
Date: June 26-July 31
Cost: Free


Atelier Montez, Via di Pietralata, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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