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The meeting of Marizy Nawrocka with the musicians of the Royal String Quartet, cellist Michał Pepol and violist Paweł Czarny was not accidental. The enthusiast of singing traditional and classically educated musicians combines common sensitivity, the desire to touch the unknown, explore the areas of beautiful music. Together, they bent over the traditional Yiddish songs that have recently fascinated Mariza. A new context, honesty, mutual giving of space to be yourself, and simultaneous involuntary creation of new quality and musical approach to each other – this is what is happening in this “exotic” trio.

Place: Alchemia Estery Club 5 Krakow
Date: 5.7.2019
Start: 6 PM – 9 PM
Admission: 3-8€ or


Alchemia od Kuchni, Estery, Krakov, Poľsko


3-8 EUR

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