„Parco Schuster“ Summer Festival

20.06.2019 - 15.08.2019

„Parco Schuster“ Summer Festival in the shadow of the Basilica of San Paolo Fuori Le Mura!

The social space of Rome: two months of Bio, Music, Sport, Wellness, Relaxation, Swing, Books and Culture with the Muro del Canto, Colle der Fomento, Franco Micalizzi, Michele Ascolese, Emilio Stella, Greg and the Frigidaires, Lillo and the Vagabondi , Cor Veleno, Rino Gaetano Band, Animals Pink Floyd, Med Free Orkestra, Spaghetti Unplugged, Dario D’Ambrosi and the Pathological Theater and many others Schuster Park / Rome / St. Paul’s Basilica. Via Ostiense 182.

Free admission
A green area of ​​music, books, relaxation and socializing with a rich schedule of live music: this is the second edition of Parco Schuster, your summer space: from June 21 to August 15, 5000 square meters of park surrounded by the splendid setting of the Basilica of San Paolo, a stage for the free events that animate the Roman summer every day.

A meeting point between generations, lifestyles and cultures. A festival for everyone and for everyone that offers more than 40 free concerts, theatrical performances, DJ sets, meetings and debates, workshops and artistic contests including two very successful live performances of the Roman summer, Muro del Canto (June 21 ) and Colle der Fomento (July 5th), and then again Emilio Stella (July 19th), Franco Micalizzi (July 17th), Greg and the Frigidaires (June 30th), Lillo ei Vagabondi (July 14th), Rino Gaetano Band (August 1st ), Animals – Tribute Pink Floyd (June 29), Bamboo (August 8), The Reggae Circus by Adriano Bono (June 28th), Spaghetti Unplugged (July 7th).

At Parco Schuster again this year, music meets sport, comics, swing, offering smaller spaces games and entertainment, in the sign of the environment and the # pla-sticfree thanks to the collaboration with Coripet – Consortium for the recycling of PET, with the installation in the area of ​​an eco-compactor for the recycling of plastic bottles, and with Legambiente, taking the first steps of eco-design for temporary events that do not affect the environment.

Two collaborations that start from the heart of Ostiense to look far and imagine a Roman Summer that respects the environment and the territory. It is precisely dialogue, in fact, one of the other keys of Parco Schuster 2019 that this year opens the training space, aimed at the students of the Universities of Roma Tre and the La Sapienza University of the faculties of DAMS, Education and Communication Sciences, the collaboration with photographic workshops, and with the Roma slow tour association, to enhance the artistic and cultural heritage of the VIII Municipality, bringing the public to discover the most suggestive places in the Park’s limiting neighborhoods, in a sustainable way, slow tourism .

A way of experiencing the city with respect and slowness, a break from the frenzy, in the shadow of the Great Beauty. In addition to the concerts scheduled, always attentive to the variety of the proposal to address the revered Capitoline public, after last year’s success, he returns to Parco Schuster, the swing space with a free lesson by the teacher and Dj Emanuele Margiotta, to teach for the new dancers the most famous combinations of steps. It starts from June 23rd and on alternate Sundays a real Swing village will be set up, where next to live music, there will be a flea market of 50s clothes and accessories, hairstyles and contests in which the best dancers will be awarded.

Parco Schuster is not only music but also offers a space for sports with free courses of Aikido, Thai Chi, CI – Qong, yoga and a basketball playground open to all. Space also for active and creative young people, with the children of Disillusionment who, with debates on social issues, recount „the realities of a changing world“ and also for many mini-festivals: „Creative tumult – artists with fire inside“, which sees alternating professionals in the fields of illustration, comics and calligraphy; a three-day preview of the Roma Bar Show 2019, which involves the most famous barmen and barlady of the city.

Finally, Parco Schuster 2019 is also a social space for families, with a free summer center for minors followed by social work; the identification of urban routes on which to intervene to break down the obstacles that do not allow usability for people with disabilities, together with the Roma Slow Tour association. As last year, the Parsec Cooperative coordinates interventions of units of road to prevention and reduction of risks related to the use of substances, sexually transmitted diseases and risk behaviors in general. Parco Schuster also becomes the stage of the Pathological Theater, an association directed by Dario D’Ambrosi, who has always been committed to finding a contact between the theater and serious mental illnesses.
The initiative is part of the program of the Roman Summer promoted by Rome Capital Assigned to Cultural Growth

06/21/2019 Il Muro del Canto
06/22/2019 free entry – The BeaTers Live
23/06/2019 free entry – The Club Swing Band
24/06/2019 free entry – „Maschia“ the band of unmissable 90s
26/06/2019 free admission – Taffo Live Romina Falconi for Glamorize & Chiringuito Libre
27/06/2019 free admission – 666 Live „No More Tour“ + Push Pop! Generation
28/06/2019 free admission – The RomAntica + The Reggae Circus by Adriano Bono + Spe-cial reggae dj set
06/29/2019 free admission – Animals Pink Foyd
30/06/2019 free admission – Greg and The Frigidaires
03/07 / 2019 free entry – from 6.30 pm with the Chiringuito Libre and the Glamorize
4/07/2019 free admission – Queen of Bulsara
5/07/2019 Colle der Fomento + Welcome 2 The Jungle Dj Sep
07/07/2019 free admission – Spaghetti Unplugged
10/07/2019 free admission – from 18:30 with the Chiringuito Libre and the Glamorize
11/07/2019 Pippo Sowlo + Push Pop! Generation
12/07/2019 free entry – Lillo and the Wanderers
13/07/2019 free entry – Comemammamhafatto
14/07/2019 free entry – Swing Valley Band
07/15/2019 Dario D’Ambrosi Pathological theater (charity day)
17 / 07/2019 free entry – Franco Micalizzi & The Big Bubbling Band
07/19/2019 free entry – Emilio Stella
20/07/2019 free entry – Beer Brodaz + Borghetta Style
07/25/2019 free entry – Cor Veleno
01/08/2019 free entry – Rino Gaetano Band
08/08/2019 free entry – Bamboo + Push Pop! Generation
04/08/2019 free entry – Med Free Orkestra
11/08/2019 free entry – Michele Ascolese: the Faber player

Location: Parco Schuster, Via Ostiense 182, Rome
Date: June 20 – August 15
Cost: Free entry to most events
See detailed schedule above.
For more info, visit: www.parcoschuster.it


Parco Schuster, Parco Schuster, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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