Spaghetti Unplugged Summer Festival


Sunday 7 July Spaghetti Unplugged will be in Rome and Milan with the „Frutta Fresca Fest“, two events simultaneously with the best of the emerging singer-songwriters of the moment and surprise guests. After the first edition with Gazelles as a special guest, the performances of two high-level artists will be shown on the stages of the Schuster Park and of the Magnolia Circle. To support them there are the new promises of the Italian indie scene.

At Spaghetti Unplugged, in addition to the announced bands, they can all play, just get on the list and perform freely with two songs, of which at least one must be original.

In addition to the usual midnight spaghetti, Sunday 7 July will be offered summer ice creams (in Rome offered with the sponsorship of Algida) and lots of fresh fruit. Both events are free admission, for a long marathon dedicated to the new Italian pop and songwriting scene.

ROME- At the Schuster Park with Secrets, Geller, NAIP, Boreale, The Station + Special Guest. Sunday, July 7th Spaghetti Unplugged presents its usual summer appointment in an enlarged format, in which some of the best-emerging bands of the moment and a special guest performer​.

After the summer events at the Monk, Villa Ada Roma Meet the World and Former Customs, last year the “Fresh Fruit Fest” was launched for the first time with the indie star Gazzelle as guest, who performed an emotional acoustic performance. This year’s edition takes place in the Otiense district of the Schuster Park.

In addition to a special guest still to be announced and the bands that will sign up on the day of the event, the names announced are Secrets, Geller, NAIP, Boreale and La Stazione. The Secrets are an indie pop band from Parma and their album „Whatever Anything“ boasts hundreds of thousands of streaming.

The Gellers are a duo formed in the Centocelle district. After launching the singles „Ci retro Mai“ and „Pausa“, they released their debut album „Male Male“ in which synth pop and songwriting mix effectively.
NAIP is instead the acronym of „no particular artist“, a one man band that on stage shows off songs made with synth, loop station, guitar and voice and electronic beats.

The Boreale exhibition, the new project by Alessandro Morini, ex-frontman of the rock band „Mary In June“ is also expected. Recently he released his first single „Maggio Novantasei“, Only for the Roman event, the first 500 participants will be offered by Algida a tasty fruit ice lolly.

Location: Parco Schuster, Via Ostiense 183, Rome
Date: July 7
Time: 19.00
Cost: Free Entrance


Parco Schuster, Parco Schuster, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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