Natto night


By popular demand, we decided to organize an evening dedicated to natto – fermented soybeans used a lot in Japanese cuisine.

It is a food that is so loved (but also unloved!) For its particular smell and its stringy consistency.

Well, this evening is dedicated to all of you attonatto lovers.

The Yamamoto Gastronomy team has decided to create an entire menu (from appetizers to dessert) with natto as the protagonist.

During this evening, you can taste 5 dishes with natto and sip Japanese beer to accompany it all.

See you at natto night 🙂

Place: Gastronomia Yamamoto, 5 Via Amedei, 20123 Milano, Italy
Date: 25.7.2019
Start: 19:30 – 22:30
Admission: 50€

+39 02 3674 1426


Gastronomia Yamamoto, Via Amedei, Miláno, Taliansko


50 EUR

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