The best bathing places and beaches in Krakow and its surroundings

30.06.2019 - 30.09.2019

Finally, we can enjoy the beautiful weather and high temperature. So it’s the best time to make the most of the summer days, soaking up the sun at one of Krakow’s beaches. If you feel like having a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, check out my list of places to sunbathe and swim for both families and friends.

☀️ Bagry Lagoon
Address: ul. Kozia 30
Bagry is a water reservoir, created as a result of flooding gravel pit excavations. It is located between ul. Lipska and ul. Wielicka in Krakow, in the Płaszów district. It is one of the largest water reservoirs located within the city limits. In the sailing season, many outdoor events and competitions take place here. On the outskirts of the lagoon, there are also 3 so-called wild beaches. Visitors of this beach can have their meals at two gastronomic points that only operate during the season. In addition, children can take advantage of the nearby playground.
In the lagoon, there is a guarded bathing beach, for which the entrance is free and its water purity is regularly controlled by Sanepid. The bathing area is limited by two piers. In the summer season, the area is very popular among children and young people.

☀️ Kryspinów
Address: Cholerzyn 361, Liszki
Being the most popular bathing resort among locals, this spot is located in Kryspinów, a small village near Krakow, only 30 minutes from the city center. It consists of two large water reservoirs created on the site of the former sand pit.

A lot of recreational facilities were built over Kryspinów: “Nad Zalewem” resort with its own beach and guarded bathing center, Navigare Yacht Club sailing center, tennis center Sport Kryspinów club, Wake Park Kraków wakeboarding center, Cholerzyn motocross track and numerous bars and restaurants: Grill Bar Cruise, Przystań bar, pizzeria Paolo, Skansen Smaków and Plum restaurant. The water in the lagoon is very clean, every year controlled by the sanepip. There are also several water equipment rentals, water slides, beach and basketball courts, tennis courts, a rope park and playgrounds for the youngest.

The anglers can get to the lakes in Kryspinów too – you can catch here mainly carp, bream, roaches and ropes, although there are also pikes and pikeperch (of course on spinning or on livestock) and trout.

☀️ Przylasek Rusiecki
Address: ul. Rzepakowa 29
Przylasek Rusiecki is a free and guarded bathing area in the Nowa Huta district in Kraków. On the territory, they have two separate swimming pools. For children and people less able to swim to a depth of 110 cm and for those who can swim up to 4 m under the supervision of a rescuer. The Water Sports Center – Wake Camp is also located nearby. You can swim on wakeboarding or water skiing, rent a variety of water equipment, play beach volleyball, or eat or drink at the beach bar.

☀️ Przystań Brzegi
Address: ul. Trakt Papieski
This is a spacious, sandy beach between two water reservoirs with selected, high-quality sand with a pleasantly shaded tree-covered area in the eastern part. In addition to the possibility of swimming in a spool separated in one of the reservoirs, they offer the possibility of using kayaks, pedal boats, boats, a water obstacle course for children and a beach ball net. Here you can also enjoy the cleaned bottom of the reservoir with a separate bathing area guarded by rescuers 7 days a week from 10.00-19.00. In the area of ​​the beach, there is also a large bathing area for children.

There are two catering points on the premises. One (fast food) at the shed, near the entrance and the second (restaurant) on the floating barge.

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