A day you will never forget. Carpe Diem!

Chuzpe comes from Hebrew and means impudence, arrogance, audacity, impudence and stands for a mixture of purposeful, intelligent impudence, charming penetrance and irresistible audacity.

All children are born with a large, natural dose of chutzpah. Then she will be trained off many of us. As adults, we call this “reason” or “modesty”. For us,​ it is simply creative jamming that unfortunately often affects good people who (actually) have something important to share with everyone.

In this workshop, we wake up your chutzpah! In such a way that you finally have to take your thing on the street. We lure your desire to shape out of the comfort zone. You will find out that a self-assured life without shame, seasoned with joy and loving impudence, is the opposite of unhealthy selfishness.

Place: Sofiensaal, Marxergasse 17, Wien, Austria
Date: 13.10. 2019
Start: 10:00
Admission: 85€
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Sofiensaal, Marxergasse 17, Viedeň, Vienna, Rakúsko


85 EUR

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