100 km. 24 hours. On foot. The challenge of your life. Are you ready?

The Challenge:
100km walk in 24h. Megamarsch goes international! We start the first megamaran in Vienna! Impossible? When did you last really challenged yourself? When was the last time you left your comfort zone and did something crazy?

100km hiking in 24 hours. In a row. Through the night. In the sunrise. And later exhausted and happy to the finish! Let’s face it! Most people will not even walk 40 km in their lives in their lives. That’s why you get a certificate at the Megamarsch, as soon as you have taken this hurdle. For km 60 and 80 there is also one.

Those who are physically and mentally strong enough, get the absolute honor with the 100 km certificate and the admission to the Hall of Fame.

You can do it! You are strong! Trust yourself and register now for an unforgettable adventure! Let’s do this.

Place: Am Rollerdamm, 1210 Wien, Austria
Date: 5.10.2019
Start: 16:00
Admission: 16€


Am Rollerdamm, 1210 Vienna, Wien, Rakúsko


16 EUR

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