Wine & Street Food Fest


THE WINE IS PHENOMENON, which have been referring to chronicles for more than 5000 years that the ancient Greeks have laid the foundation for today’s wine making and have tried to improve wine production. That is why today we can taste this beverage of many varieties from fertile areas all over the globe, from bred vines artfully transformed by winemakers into a delicious beverage that has rightly become a phenomenal time-honored cult matter. Come with us, we will guide you through the kaleidoscope of well-known and lesser-known brands of all kinds of wine, including prosecco across the world. You can taste the cross-section of the most popular vineyards from Bohemia and Moravia, Europe, America and Australia. The tasting of dozens of wine samples will be an opportunity to taste the diversity of the original street food offer in many ways and not only that.

Place: Výstaviště Holešovice
Date: 10.08.2019
Time: 11:00
Admission: 0-10€
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Výstaviště, Praha 7-Holešovice, Česko


0-10 EUR

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