BE POP! Without Losing Love

18.06.2019 - 04.07.2019

After the success of the first edition, the BE POP! Exhibition returns to Rome from 18 June to 4 July. Without losing the love : the meetings at aperitif time at Caffè Nemorense , immersed in the greenery of the Virgilian Park.

BE POP! The appointments
Nine scheduled appointments, all with free admission, to talk about human and civil rights, migration, violence against women, illegal hiring, city , but also communication and storytelling of the present. Topics of great current interest and social relevance that will be addressed in a light key, but without trivializing them, through literature, photography, journalism, food, music, cinema and theater; leveraging the passions they arouse (and therefore „without losing love“) to overcome prejudices and clichés.

“ Lightness “ is in fact the key word of an engaging format, conceived – and already successfully tested last year – to open a direct and informal confrontation between experts, artists, intellectuals, protagonists of significant experiences, and the audience that will meet at Caffè Nemorense coffee tables. An interaction between reality and different languages ​​designed to attract a different audience each time.

The review
The review is promoted by the BE POP! Association, which was established after the positive experience of the 2018 edition, and this year will make use of the patronage of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Municipality of Rome II, of the official collaboration of the International magazine, of Rai Radio 3 (which will be mediapartner), and of other associations, including A Buon Diritto and Terra !. This testifies to the growth path of an event which, at the second edition, already affirms itself in the cultural offer of the Roman summer.

Tuesday 18 June, at 6.30 pm, the inauguration of the exhibition and the presentation of the program will be held, with Valentina Brinis, president of the BE POP! Association, Francesca Del Bello, president of the Municipality of Rome II, Giovanni De Mauro, director of Internazionale, Marino Sinibaldi, director of Rai Radio 3, and Carlotta Sami, spokesman for UNHCR.

At 7.30 pm the first of the meetings titled + Taste #WithRefugees: an event dedicated to food, integration and innovation, which will be attended, among others, by Konate Bouyagui, a young Malian chef hosted by the program „Masterchef“; Hamed Ahmadi, an Afghan refugee, today a successful restaurant entrepreneur; the actress Marisa Laurito, Nerina Di Nunzio, an expert in digital marketing and communication; Rosamaria Zanatta, the Rosa chef of the RAI program „Kilimanjaro“, and Livia Montagnoli, a Gambero Rosso journalist. During the meeting it will be possible to taste the specialties of different countries of the world at the food stands selected by UNHCR.

The anniversary of World Refugee Day will frame the program of the first week, the Refugee Week. On Wednesday 19 June the Roman rapper Amir Issaa will be among the protagonists with Luigi Manconi, Pietro Del Soldà (Rai Radio 3) and Tareke Brhane (Committee 3 October) of a confrontation on how to tell, especially to girls and boys, the stories of refugees and rights more generally.

On June 20, journalists Annalisa Camilli from Internazionale, Francesca Mannocchi from L’Espresso and Diego Bianchi from Propaganda Live will talk to the public about what happens along the Mediterranean route, in Libya and in Italy, and actor Valerio Mastandrea will read some tracks taken from the book „La frontiera“ by Alessandro Leogrande, to whom the evening is dedicated.

Rome at the center of BE POP!
At the heart of the BE POP! Program also the city of Rome , with the good practices for the integration carried out on the territory by the realities of the voluntary service (will be discussed on June 25 in the meeting entitled „Pride of a good leader“), conflicts and transformations in the neighborhoods of our Capital and the ideas for reconstruction: a theme that will be discussed on June 26th together with the writer Christian Raimo, the „storyteller“ Ascanio Celestini and the journalist Giuliano Santoro (the Manifesto), with the contribution between music and poetry by Alessandro Pieravanti (Muro of singing) with Giancane.

On June 27, the issue of the struggle for LGBTI rights will be tackled 50 years after the Stonewall riots in a meeting, organized by Internazionale, with the president of the Transsexual Identity Transvestite Marcasciano. „Ti Odio!“ Is the title of the meeting scheduled for July 2 on the topic of the hate speech and the mechanisms of diffusion in the network with the linguist Federico Faloppa, the writer Igiaba Scego, Vincenzo Visco Comandini, economist specialized in network regulation, and the journalist Eva Giovannini. On 3 July there will be talk of violence against women and the attack on their freedom with the participation, among others, of Emma Bonino and the actresses of the „TV delle ragazze“ who will read passages from the book „Ferite a morte“ by Serena Dandini and Maura Misiti.

The last of the scheduled meetings, on July 4th, will be dedicated to work, integration, contrast to the illegal hiring, with the participation of journalists Jacopo Storni and Giorgio Zanchini (Radio 1), Suleman Diara (Barikamà refugee cooperative), Fabio Ciconte, (ass. Terra!), Chiara Faenza (Coop Italia), to follow the concert by the Orchestra dei braccianti. The evening will end with the Karaoke conducted by Lilith Primavera.

On June 20 and 27, at the end of the meetings, it will be possible to attend a new and very suggestive event: the screening in the park, for the first time, of photos commented on by the photo editors of the International magazine.

As a demonstration of the close link with the territory, during the exhibition inside the Virgilian park, a space will be reserved for local realities – such as associations, organic producers and independent bookstores – to make their activities known. Furthermore, for the duration of the event, BE POP! will offer a free animation for children up to 12 years , so as to encourage the participation of families.

The Caffè Nemorense will remain open for the entire event with a rich offer of bars, cocktail bars, gastronomy, ice creams and aperitifs.

The Caffè Nemorense
BE POP! it will be the Caffè Nemorense: born from the meeting of the Barikamà refugee cooperative and a Roman catering company, Grandma, is an example in a „pop“ key of how it is possible to live immigration enriching the territory from a cultural and social point of view . The Virgilian Park, a green corner of the neighborhood, re-emerged in 2017, after years of neglect, thanks to the two realities that won the municipal tender for the allocation of the park and the internal kiosk.

Location: Caffè Nemorense, Via del Parco Virgiliano No. 5
WHEN: 18 June – 4 July 2019
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Caffè Nemorense, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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