„Women“ Exhibition

20.06.2019 - 04.09.2019

WOMEN, the photographic exhibition by Emanuela Caso, is a tribute to the women, to their ever widely conquered rights, to the hopes, the sufferings and the intimate joys that leaked from their looks. A reportage conducted across different countries of the world to tell the feminine universe from West to East: uncomfortable, forgotten, timeless and full of history, infinitely poor and where poverty is visible not only in the eyes but can be breathed in every corner of the road; but also rich regions where the contrast between the ostentatious opulence of a few and the thousand streams of the ghettoized neighborhoods is even clearer. Emanuela Caso captures the gaze of women in her shots: big eyes full of dignity despite the indigence.

The exhibition, hosted by the Casa della Memoria and History of Rome from June 20 to September 4, 2019 , is promoted by Roma Capitale – Department of Cultural Growth – Cultural Activities Department in collaboration with Zètema Culture Project.

The tribute to women
Emanuela Caso in WOMEN captures with the lens the most significant faces of the women encountered on this journey . A path in which photography becomes the ideal medium to open our eyes to the vastness of the world around us. In the exhibition, the stereotype of female perfection imposed by the mass media is broken down in favor of a woman who values ​​her personality and self-esteem. The path of „WOMEN“ highlights a harsh reality, the artist tells us: “ in every part of the world women experience a state of dissatisfaction and contrasting ways of life or incomplete well-being“. The forced models imposed by consumerism and the prevailing globalization do not necessarily lead to the well-being of the individual, but often limit their uniqueness and distort the culture of different peoples.

The inspiration for this work stems from a tragic event that took place in a factory in New York over a century ago: On March 25, 1911, a terrible fire broke out on the eighth floor of the Shirtwaist Company, killing 146 workers. The owners of the factory, who kept the workers locked up, rescued themselves by letting the women and men who had been trapped in the building die. The ensuing trial saw the owners who received insurance from $ 445 for each victim be acquitted while the workers‘ compensation was only $ 75. Of those 146 workers, most were young Italian and Jewish women from Eastern Europe. Since then, many things have changed and after years of struggles and conquests of rights by women we are facing a political and cultural regression. Article 22 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: „Each individual, as a member of society, has the right to social security, as well as to realization through national effort and international cooperation and in relation to the organization and the resources of every State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable to its dignity and to the free development of its personality ”. A fair society in which citizens and institutions cooperate to improve the society in which they live and in which power is at the service of the community’s needs and attentive to the last. But the elimination of poverty passes through the full participation of men and women who often, however, in many parts of the world, do not have access to fundamental freedoms.

Who is Emanuela Caso
Emanuela Caso was born in Rome on June 15, 1984. She began her artistic studies in Rome and exhibited her paintings in the Greek Abbey of S. Nilo in Grottaferrata and in Via Margutta.

In 2007 he interrupted his artistic studies and exhibition activity to work in the fashion field, interfacing with photographers and stylists. In 2009 he began a new photographic journey, becoming interested in artists such as Herb Ritts, Richard Avedon and Peter Lindbergh, and devoting himself to portraiture photography. In 2015 she became the creator of the WOMEN photographic and cultural project on women’s rights in the world; his style addresses documentary reporting, addressing the condition of women in different countries, contextualizing social differences and the position of women in the world of work. The first exhibition is in July 2017 in the city of Spoleto with the Patronage of the Councilor for Culture. The project is still ongoing with the aim of being shared with organizations, foundations, associations,

In addition to the WOMEN project, she deals with cultural photography and research, documenting stories related to the female universe, inspired by the activist and photographer Tina Modotti. The style of social photography purely in black and white is reproduced in digital and 35 mm film and medium format.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on 20 June 2019 at 18.00

Location: Casa della memoria e della storia, Via di San Francesco di Sales, 5, Rome
Date: June 20 – September 4, 2019
Times: Monday-Friday 9:30am-8pm
Cost: Free


Casa della memoria e della storia, Via di San Francesco di Sales, 5, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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