Silent Dating


(40-60 Years) Forget about cheap startups – we offer an event with real spontaneous interaction

Silent dating focuses on nonverbal communication. If you do not have to search for the “right words”, you discover a deeper level of getting to know each other. The guests meet each other in a playful and unusual way. The techniques are very dynamic (do not expect to stare silently for 20 minutes!) And work great as an icebreaker.

To explore the limits of one’s own comfort zone does not sound like a typical after-work program. But being guided by this experience of non-verbal communication can be surprisingly rewarding. Without the need for a prior conversation, a small shared laugh can occur, triggered by intense eye contact.

Place: Edison, Alser Straße 9, 1080 Wien, Austria
Date: 4.7. 2019
Start: 19:30
Admission: 44€


Edison, Alser Straße 9, 1080 Vienna, Wien, Rakúsko


44 EUR

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