Japanese Day


The Embassy of Japan in the Slovak Republic is pleased to invite you to a unique event called “NATSUMATSURI 2019 – Japanese Day, which is part of the Bratislava Cultural Summer and Castle Festival 2019”, which is organized in cooperation with the Bratislava Cultural and Information Center and will be held at the Main Square and Old Town City Hall in Bratislava.
Deadline: July 6, 2019 (Saturday) at 13:30
Venue: Courtyard of the Old Town City Hall in Bratislava (13:30 – 17:00), Main Square (17:15 – 20:00)

13:30 Tea Ceremony (Tsutomu Takamatsu Sóuriki, Chado Urasenke Tankokai Vienna)
14:00 Ikebana (Noriko Komiyama, Sogetsu School Teacher)
14:45 Kicuke – Traditional Japanese Clothing (Teru Ogawa and Teruka Ogawa)
15:15 Bonsai (Ján Lúdik, Bonsajcentrum Bratislava) \ t
15:45 Short stories about shogi and go (Lukáš Vyletel)
16:15 Presentation of Japanese Shiba Inu breed (Shiba Inu Slovakia o. Z.)
Accompanying program:
Bonsai exhibition (Bonsajcentrum Bratislava), table game shogi and go (SAŠO – Slovak Association of Shogi and Slovak Association of Go), shiba inu – photo opportunity (Shiba Inu Slovakia o. Z.), Calligraphy and origami and presentation stand of Gifu.
17:15 Kagamiwari – Opening Ceremony
17:30 Concert – Hudák Ensemble Vienna (Michal Hudák – violin, Kayoko Hudak – flute,
Yukako Hiebner – viola, Marika Peham – cello)
18:00 Presentation of the classic Japanese dance “kamigatamai” (Teru Ogawa, chief champion and head of Ogawa school)
18:30 Karate, Aikido, Judo (Slovak Karate Union – ŠKK Bratislava, Kurilla Budokan, Patrónka and Judo Club Levice)


Bratislava, Slovensko



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