Esquilino Science Festival

12.06.2019 - 15.06.2019

Pop Science, Esquilino Science Festival
The first edition of „ScienzaPop – Esquilino Science Festival“ takes place in Rome from 12 to 15 June 2019 . For four days, in the colorful setting of the „Di Donato“ school, scientific dissemination and participation will go hand in hand.

“ ScienzaPop “ stands for “ popular science „: in fact, the festival wants to bring science to large and small audiences through participation. Meetings, debates and workshops will deal with issues concerning everyday life (from food to climate, from vaccines to social networks, from school to buffaloes) with the rigor of the experts and researchers who study them. The goal is to compare different ideas, cultures and points of view, but respecting the scientific method. Diversity and dialogue between cultures are in the DNA of the Esquilino district, where a diverse population coexists by geographical origin, religion and lifestyle, but also by the science that feeds on ideas every day.

In addition to meetings and debates, the festival offers workshops for the youngest, where girls and boys aged six and above can get their hands dirty, learn and have fun doing the experiments themselves. All activities, including workshops, will be entirely free.

Meetings and debates
It starts on Wednesday 12 June with a conference on the air quality of the Esquiline. The engineer of the University „Parthenope“ of Naples Giorgio Buonanno will tell the results of a particular experiment in which the children themselves measured the pollution of the center of Rome. Next, the writer and agronomist Antonio Pascale and the journalist Stefano Liberti, coordinated by the journalist Pietro del Soldà, will compare the dark sides of industrial agriculture and „organic“ food, to guide everyone to more conscious consumption choices.

Thursday 13 June will be dedicated to our relationship with technology. Will artificial intelligence, robots and algorithms be our friends or enemies? Two experts will discuss it: the logic and philosopher Teresa Numerico and the computer science Tiziana Catarci. After them, the physicist and scholar of the networks Antonio Scala will address the issue of social networks and how to ensure that free expression does not turn into abuse, deception and invasion of privacy.

The theme of education will be touched on Friday, June 14th. How to talk about vaccines without being crushed between the rigidity of no-vax and the arrogance of scientists? The journalist Roberta Villa and the infectivologist Giovanni Rezza of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità will talk about it, in a meeting moderated by the journalist and author Silvia Bencivelli. On the teaching of mathematics, the black beast of the Italian school, will be the meeting between the mathematician Nicoletta Lanciano and the „gamologist“ Ennio Peres, assisted by the teacher and science writer Tommaso Castellani.

The final day of Saturday 15 June will see the astrophysicist Amedeo Balbi and the matter physicist Stefano Ossicini tell the stories and the buffaloes that have marked the development of science. The lectio magistralis of the theoretical physicist Giorgio Parisi, professor of the Sapienza University of Rome and president of the Accademia dei Lincei, will close the festival.

Workshops for children
ScienzaPop will propose many initiatives to involve even the smallest in scientific activity. Every day, guided experiences and workshops will make children breathe the atmosphere of research. The inflatable Planetarium of the University of RomaTre will allow budding astronomers and astronomers to travel among the stars. The small scientists will be able to build a real „paper microscope“ called FoldScope, which with low-cost materials allows everyone to investigate reality in detail. Thanks to the „mentors“ of the Coderdojo association also the „coding“ will become a game within the reach of all ages. The Science Teaching Laboratory of the University of Tor Vergata will accompany the children through the long journey of evolution, bringing them to touch the organs and tissues in their various evolutionary stages. The Superocchio will show the cinema before the cinema, and the chemists Valentina Pinto and Flaminia Rondino will invite you to discover the limit between chemistry and magic. Finally, The Science Zone association will lead children and children to discover water physics and meteorology.

Location: Scuola Di Donato – Grupo Sao Bento Pequeno, Via Nino Bixio, 85, Rome
Date: June 12-15
Cost: Free


Scuola Di Donato - Grupo Sao Bento Pequeno, Via Nino Bixio, 85, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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