Summer at the Palazzo dei Congressi

07.06.2019 - 22.09.2019

Le Terrazze, Summer at the Palazzo dei Congressi
Back on June 7th, the entertainment by Le Terrazze, now in its sixth edition, which will continue every Friday and Saturday throughout the summer until September 22nd , with big names in comedy and musical entertainment that will perform on the two large terraces that dominate the EUR district.

Terrazza delle Arti and Terrazza Novecento , two distinct souls enclosed in a single body, the Palazzo dei Congressi in Piazza JF Kennedy 1, where from the early hours of the evening there will be theatrical and musical performances on the Terrace of the Arts (starting from 5 July ), while in the late evening on the Terrazza Novecento , parties with leading exponents of Italian and international consoles will come to life.

The appointments
Among the events of the show we will find, among others, Massimo Bagnato and Carmine Faraco, Cinzia Leone, Pablo & Pedro, Dado , while for those of the nightstand out names like Albertino, Fargetta, Cristian Marchi, Molella, Tommy Vee , or parties including the Samsara On Tour, or the one curated by Dimensione Suono Roma, official radio of the event at the Palazzo dei Congressi. All evenings will be followed by the broadcaster who is the media partner of the event for the third consecutive year.

« Dimensione Suono Roma and Le Terrazze share a fundamental value: the passion for entertainment and excellence. To make the partnership synergistic, there is a common commitment to enhance the territory and the opportunities it can offer „, states Alberto Di Stefano, Dimensione Suono Station Manager Rome.

Arts terrace
Program by the artistic director Achille Mellini.

Le Terrazze Teatro Festival is the show dedicated to comedy curated by Achille Mellini and now in its fourth edition. It will start on 5 July and continue until 3 August. Every Friday and Saturday aperitif from 7.00 pm and start of shows 9.30 pm. Performers for the festival Le Terrazze Theater Festival, artists including SCQR comedians (July 5th), Dado (July 6th), Pablo & Pedro (July 12th-13th), CentoUno (July 19th), Enzo Salvi (July 20th) , Antonello Costa (August 2), Bagnato and Faraco (August 3), Cinzia Leone (August 4). In past editions they have collected applause names of comedy such as Enrico Montesano, Paola Minaccioni, Pino Insegno and Roberto Ciufoli, Rodolfo Laganà, Maurizio Mattioli, Francesca Reggiani and others. In addition to the professionals of laughter, the second edition of the Persefone Comicus Award is back,

Novecento terrace
Program by the artistic director Gianluca Neon.

For a Thursday a month dinner show, with the possibility of dining while the musical shows selected by the artistic direction will take place on the stage. Every Friday and Saturday from 11.30pm to 3.00am, spotlights on the night are lit up with the darlings of the 1990s dance consoles on Friday and the house sounds every Saturday night. Every Friday Happy Hours from 9.30pm. Leading the impressive entertainment machine for the second part of the evening will be the djs selected by the artistic director Gianluca Neon. The musical schedule starts with the solid foundation of the many resident djs known to the Roman nights, including Massimiliano Rezzonico, Marco Gioia, Faber Cucchetti, Double Fab, Massimo Marino, Marco Casale, Luigi Tassi and Matteo Passerini, who will mix great hits accompanied by voices of Lele Sarallo and Lory Voice.

The program of nights on the Terrazza del Novecento
Many guests will take turns on the summer weekends. It starts with Dj Kubik on June 7th with the colorful set of the dj who plays disguised as a Rubik’s Cube. We then move to Albertino on Friday 14 June, the night on which a true master of dance music will be received on the dance floor. June 21st is the turn of Fargetta, legendary exponent of the Deejay Time, followed by the arrival of the Samsara On Tour party on Saturday, June 22nd, with all the best of Salento entertainment coming to Rome. The month of July begins with the unmistakable vibrations of Cristian Marchi, while on July 26th the virtuoso of the consul Giorgio Prezioso arrives. On September 6, there is Maurizio Molella on the plates who will then be followed by Tommy Vee, on the closing evening on Saturday 22 September. Every Friday the resident Matteo Passerini, Massimiliano Rezzonico and Massimo Marino will open the dances while every Saturday the hosts Marco Gioia, Faber Cucchetti, Double Fab, Marco Casale and Luigi Tassi will return, whose selections will be enriched by the voices of Lele Sarallo and Lory Voice and by animation by Vanguard Agency. Great expectations also for the parties in collaboration with Dimensione Suono Roma, which will take place on June 29th, July 27th and August 31st.

The project of Le Terrazze
Three thousand square meters, four bar points, a theater area with 1200 seats. Corresponding to the terrace dedicated to the theater, at night the large dancefloor will live, the second terrace where over sixty operators will be engaged for each event. A reality that enjoys excellent health and that has its roots in the culture of clubbing and in the maxi events organized by Spazio Novecento, the habitat par excellence of the major events taking place in Rome. Along with the Spazio Novecento experience, we find the musicality of Room 26, the main place of Roman nightlife, with its twenty-six latest-generation amplifiers that give the club its name. The versatility and the great technical equipment of Space and Room, easily adapt to any logistic need and make any arrangement possible. The same quality of winter appointments, finds continuity in the summer event at the Palazzo dei Congressi, whose terraces are now the summer symbol of fun. A place where every type of initiative finds the right size, also ideal for corporate events that it often lends itself to.

The summer project Le Terrazzewas created with the aim of enhancing the external spaces located in one of the most famous and representative examples of rational architecture at the Eur, built in 1942, the Palazzo dei Congressi owned by EUR SpA, with the original aim of bringing the terraces of the building back to the their intended use, or to become the setting for creative and cultural activities. The main purpose of the project is to create a summer pole of attraction in the capital, with the development of a creative space/lounge that is capable of attracting cross-sectional users, from the ​theater-loving public to those inclined to nightly entertainment, whose various needs will be met by the artistic proposals of the management. A complete blend of each ingredient, which will transform Le Terrazze into an agora where style, design and art will merge into one big event. There are two macro areas: Terrazza Novecento referred to restaurants, dance entertainment and events in general and the Terrace of the Arts, where the theater and exhibition spaces will be developed.

Location: Palazzo dei Congressi, Piazza John Kennedy, 1, Rome
Date: June 7 – September 22, 2019


Palazzo dei Congressi, Piazza John Kennedy, 1, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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