Grape festival 2019

09.08.2019 - 10.08.2019

The 10-year multi-genre music festival has begun​ its preparations. The program is rich as every year. The festival is successful not only thanks to confirmed artists, but mainly because it tries to distinguish itself from other festivals by seemingly small things, which, however, form an interesting whole. Leading Slovak architects have worked on and are still working on the festival area, changing it every year, so that the visitor always has a new experience. Interesting zones are being built in cooperation with sponsors and artists to create the visuals of the whole festival. Since the fourth year, the festival has been given an optional dresscode, which together with the annual new theme of the festival will be designed by the organizers.

Place: Piešťany airport
Date: 9.8.2019-10.8.2019
Admission: 69€

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Bratislava, Slovakia


69 EUR

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