Top 10 Slovak summer festival

14.06.2019 - 30.09.2019

Who can imagine a summer without summer festivals? Neither do us. That is why we bring you the TOP 10 biggest festivals in Slovakia!

🌞 Pohoda
Pohoda is an art festival where the alternative, indie, electronics, world music and punk meet with classics; along with literature, dance, visual art, film and theater. Pohoda is always held in the second weekend of July in Trenčín. The festival complex is a former military airport in the valley of the river Váh, surrounded by three mountains of the Western Carpathians. In terms of logistics and comfort of visitors, it is an ideal, generously designed space with a limited capacity of 30,000 visitors. Forget about the food stalls, toilets, tent camps and slow crowd moves – the capacity is set to make the festival cozy and airy to match its name. As every year, you can look forward to many performers from both Slovakia and around the world.
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🌞 Grape festival
The 10-year multi-genre music festival has begun its preparations. The program is rich as every year. The festival is successful not only thanks to confirmed artists, but mainly because it tries to distinguish itself from other festivals by seemingly small things, which, however, form an interesting whole. Leading Slovak architects have worked on and are still working on the festival area, changing it every year, so that the visitor always has a new experience. Interesting zones are being built in cooperation with sponsors and artists to create the visuals of the whole festival. Since the fourth year, the festival has been given an optional dresscode, which together with the annual new theme of the festival will be designed by the organizers.
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🌞 Uprising
Some stars will premiere at the festival, some will return to the scene after years, but one thing is for sure – the organizers will delight everyone. From reggae and dancehall fans, through oak, but also to all dnb heads, junglists and hipsters. There are many albums that are essential for hip-hop and R&B. However, one of them also caused the earthquake to become a classic of the genre and a standard for everything that followed. Its author is the legendary singer, rapper and songwriter Ms. Lauryn Hill, headliner of the 12th Uprising Festival.
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🌞 TopFest
The Rock Festival will be held on June 28 and 29 at the Zelená Voda site in Nové Mesto nad Váhom. The main star will be Slash, who comes with singer Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators !. For fans of our festival, we have other names to warm up, including Horkýže Slíže, Doctor P.P., The Circus Brothers, Ramchat, and a slightly different genre of Šarišanci. These and many others, plus the romance of the Zelená Voda site or attraction, or the gastro zone. We look forward to seeing you and the amazing atmosphere you always conjure up.
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🌞 Dobrý festival
The 11th annual Dobrý Festival will take place on June 14 – 16, 2019 at the natural swimming pool Delna in Prešov! Music-color festival in the biggest town of Prešov region opens its second decade of existence and you can look forward to a lot of good music, art, entertainment, good food and drinks this time. The philosophy of the Dobrý Festival is to offer music and art of different genres in one place and to leave a beautiful memory of a pleasant weekend spent with everyone in the heart.
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🌞 Sound for Štiavnica
International, urban, jazz music fusion festival taking place from Thursday evening to Sunday morning in the unconventional spaces of the historic city. This year, from 20 to 23 June 2019, again opens the summer festival season in Banská Štiavnica! The fourth edition of Sound for Štiavnica will present the most interesting of contemporary European music. New faces, but also seasoned players of the home and European scene! The fourth year of the Sound for Štiavnica Music Festival brings this year’s cross-section of the most interesting of the genres of jazz, fusion and crossover.
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🌞 Hip Hop žije
The seventh year of the biggest hip hop event in Slovakia, Hip Hop Live Festival, will be held in Bratislava from Friday, June 28 to Sunday, June 30. \ t You can look forward to the top of the Czech-Slovak scene but also to foreign names as Ja Rule, Gunna, Kontrafakt, Kali & Peter Pann, Separ & DMS, Majk Spirit, Sima, Ektor, Strapo. Pil C, Cis T, Miky Mora and many more.
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🌞 Sundance
The biggest open air festival of dance music in Slovakia, which brought names to Slovakia such as Nicky Romero, Tujamo, Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman, Merk & Kremont, Kryder and others comes with their 12th year again during two festival days in Zemplínska Šírava -Lúč on an area of more than 12 000 m2. Do not miss the proven SunDance atmosphere, great environment associated with water recreation on the beach, top SK and CZ DJs​, foreign headliners, unique party cruises around Šírava with DJs and enjoy a summer weekend full of dance music with friends!
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🌞 Východná
Folklore Festival Východná during the 65-year history of the festival has become a top show of traditional folk culture and its folklorized speeches. Among the 1,400 performers in dozens of artistic authoring programs, the winners of national competition shows of folk groups, ensembles, children’s ensembles, folk music, singing groups, soloists of musicians and dancers are also presented every year.
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🌞 Lodenica
For over 20 years, Lodenica has brought great concerts, entertainment and a perfect festival atmosphere! In Autocamping Lodenica in Piešťany this year we will meet from 29 to 31 August. T Rex, Čechomor, Fleret, Kamelot, František Nedvěd, Pavel Žalman and the Czech legend Plavci visit the popular festival in Piešťany. Its leader Honza Vančura will say goodbye to his 55-year-old musical career at the festival. He is looking forward to singing together with the fans when the trees in the area bend.
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