The Hippie Market Conquers Lungotevere

07.06.2019 - 25.08.2019

The Hippie Market conquers the Lungotevere and pays homage to the cycle path with a luminous art installation.

From Thursday 6 June the historic official event of the Roman Summer “ Lungoiltevere Roma 2019 “ returns . A plunge into history, culture, entertainment and leisure, from Ponte Sublicio to Ponte Sisto. Along the way photographic and cinematographic exhibitions, exhibitions, literary and musical quotations of all those works and those characters that have made the Capital great: an open-air art gallery to celebrate the immense artistic and social heritage of the city.

The flagship this year is the Hippie Market, the iconic Made in Rome craft market conceived and curated by Ilaria Aquili, where the most creative minds meet and merge. In addition to presenting 8 artisans and stylists on a rolling basis each week, the Hippie Market has created a luminous art installation „la Recycle“ dedicated to the world of bikers, being positioned right next to the cycle path. More than 50 wheels, chains, bike gears found in landfills or abandoned have been reassembled, recycled and reused, to create incredible light points and transformed into chandeliers and lamps thus transmitting to children also the ecological culture of recycling.

The hippie market presents the best selection of crafts and vintage, fanciful jackets, hand-painted jeans, colorful dreamcatchers, household items, stones transformed into small works of art, hair bands, jewelry, vintage sunglasses, prints , posters, soy wax candles, curiosities of all kinds.

Jewels, accessories, fashion and home decor

Irka is a project born of traveling, a world where styles and cultures mix, creating a melting-pot of clothing and accessories that are eclectic and recognizable, characterized by a tribal-gipsy-urban style.

The home decor products of the HyggeBazar brand are 100% handmade, made with natural and recycled materials.
The attention to detail and the retro flavor make these products unique pieces that can tell stories of a romantic past.
The apparent and desired imperfections of the products are actually unique details that embellish and furnish the home.

Different original lines, minimal, sophisticated and more eccentric of botanical and bucolic inspired jewels including Miiko Jewels, the Bizzarre Epoque and FriHandmade made with leaves and flowers, collected and dried to keep the natural color, enclosed and embellished by the shine of a thin crystalline resin layer that preserves their original shape.

Glimoire® jewels are made with ancient materials and disused objects.
They are recovered, restored and reworked, giving rise to a reinterpretation of the material itself.

Gabrielle Delille Creations
Contemporary jewelery in silver and bronze made with the sculptural technique of lost wax casting.
Limited edition capsule collections and unique pieces, entirely made in Italy.
Geometric cuts, abstract shapes, architectural suggestions and dreamlike visions are the expression of a contemporary but extremely feminine jewel, with great attention to portability.

For those with few words and want to wear a thought, an emotion
It takes inspiration from the cinema, quotes, idioms and dialects because its Gioiellini & Gioiellacci always have something to say.

A collection of costume jewelery born from the idea of ​​giving new life to precious vintage buttons. Rings, earrings, cufflinks and other exclusive creations take shape starting from objects that between the 40s and the 80s enriched haute couture garments.

NBDMP – In the Bottega delle Mille Pietre
Evocative jewels born from the intertwining of precious metals and natural stones.

AB BAGS vintage leather bags that meet the future with unique and original paintings.

Bags with a strong personality.
Joy, color and imagination intertwine with a careful choice of fabrics and extreme attention to detail.

Desideri Cose & Cosette, presents Handcrafted Bags in different materials and sizes with artistically elaborated photographic images, mostly of monuments and details of Historical Rome.

For lovers of vintage and retro glasses, the Festina Lente line.

Myturbanchic a line of colored and finished bands and turbans, created to frame the face of any age. Wordslines

by Cecilia De Lucia, mainly portraits of musical artists using the calligram technique. Song lyrics compose the faces of their own authors.

Location: Lungo Il Tevere Roma, Lungotevere Ripa, Rome
Date: June 7 – August 25
Time: 19:00-2:00
Cost: Free


Lungo Il Tevere Roma, Lungotevere Ripa, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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