Vingardium Borliget

14.06.2019 - 15.06.2019

The XVI. District Erzsébet Liget: From 14:00 on June 14 to 15 o’clock at 11 am, we can spend nearly 40 winery items on our festival cup. Vingardium Borliget offers family-friendly and non-dog-friendly programs for the fourth time. In the grass, there are fine wines, adventurous children’s programs, a complete gastronomy, interesting wine tours and performers like Blahalousiana or Lóc.

Place: 1165 Budapest, Hunyadvár utca 43a.
Date: June, Friday 15- Saturday 16, 2019
Start: 03:00 PM- 09:00 PM
Admission: 0-7 €
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Budapest, Hunyadvár utca 43a, 1165 Maďarsko


0-7 EUR

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