Green ZOO Festival 2019

31.05.2019 - 15.06.2019

You’d be forgiven for thinking that in the era of algorithms, we can’t possibly have missed a single interesting sound. Yet you’d be quite wrong, as is well known to everyone who has ever attended a gig by a band with a curious name and started asking themselves after a few tracks: “Who? What? How have I never heard of them?” And we’re never sure whether to feel more delighted to have discovered them, or embarrassed by our ignorance. The organisers of the Green ZOO Festival love a challenge, having spent the last eight years bringing concerts by independent artists to Kraków’s audiences and presenting a review of little-known music at the threshold of summer. This year we meet at Re (1, 7 and 8 June), Betel (11 June) and the STK 47 Warehouse at Dekerta Street (15 June) to hear an eclectic selection of artists including Xeno & Oaklander, Niemoc, Tamaryn and Black Lips. Never heard of them? You know what to do! (Bartosz Suchecki, “Karnet”)

Place: RE club, ul. św. Krzyża 4
Date: 31.5.2019-15.6.2019
Time: 20:00
Admission: 6-10€

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Re. Klub, Świętego Krzyża, Kraków, Poland


6-10 EUR

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