Sascha Ring, better known by the stage name Apparat, is a German electronic musician. He was previously co-owner of Shitkatapult records. Starting out with dance floor-oriented techno, he shifted focus towards ambient music, becoming „more interested in designing sounds than beats“.

The German producer will release the LP5 studio on the respected label Mute on March 22 and this is the reason for his appearance in Bratislava. The new album comes at a time when a 40-year-old producer gives a creative break from the Moderat project, which dominated the Grape festival in 2017.

The fans can remember the single Dawan from Dark series from Netflix. The album will be his fifth solo studio. Meanwhile, he has yet to record and release the album Krieg und Frieden, which maps music productions for the theater adaptation of the famous novel War and Peace.

Place: Majestic Music Club, Karpatska 2, Bratislava
Date: Jun 21, 2019
Admission: 35 Eur


Majestic Music Club, Karpatská, Bratislava, Slovakia


35 EUR

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