Roma Tre Film Festival at Teatro Palladium

06.05.2019 - 12.05.2019

Screenings, meetings and debates with the most established authors and directors, documentaries that investigate the Italian reality, a permanent exhibition, the traditional competition of shorts reserved for students. The Palladium Theater opens its doors to the cinema for a whole week of free appointments dedicated to film buffs of all ages, sector operators, film scholars and young professionals for a unique opportunity for meeting and comparison.

Roma Tre Film Festival, the new edition is back
The Roma Tre Film Festival is back from Monday 6th to Sunday 12th May , the film festival that has reached its XIV edition organized by the Department of Philosophy, Communication and Entertainment of the Roma Tre University in collaboration with the Fondazione Roma Tre Teatro Palladium .

Partner of the Festival: the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Lazio Region, the Istituto Luce and the National Film Archive. Born as the „Carta bianca Dams“ in the „Arcipelago“ Roman Festival to enhance students‘ short films, the R3FF conceived and directed by Vito Zagarrio, has gradually evolved, conquering over time its appreciated and recognized space in the historic Roman quarter of Garbatella and this year it is enriched with the photographic exhibition Film People by Alessio Trerotoli, set up in the foyer of the Theater and open for the duration of the festival. Next to the Master Classes, held like every year by the Festival guests,

The program
To kick off the show on Monday 6 May, a day dedicated to Bernardo Bertolucci which closes at 8.30 pm with the screening on film of the film The strategy of the spider in the presence of the award-winning editor Roberto Perpignani. An opportunity to remember the actor Giulio Brogi, the protagonist of the recently deceased film. Tuesday 7 May is the turn of another tribute: the one to Francesco Rosi ; while at 21 Andrea Segre , one of the most interesting filmmakers of the new Italian cinema, introduces the projection of his latest documentary Ibi, entirely based on the self-narration – intimate and intense – of a migrant woman, who tells herself and her Europe to the children left in Africa.

On Wednesday 8 May at 6.00 pm Kobarid by Christian Carmosino Mereu , the documentary presented at the Trieste Film Festival that evokes the voices of Caporetto’s soldiers arrives ; while at 9 pm it is the turn of the screening of the film Festa which is followed by a meeting with the director Franco Piavoli. Thursday, May 9 at 5 pm the news breaks onto the screen with Alfredo Lo Piero ‚s film Freedom must not die in the sea followed by the short film Hope remains for me! by Virginia Barrett: the dramatic journey of an African woman embarked on a „cart of the sea“ from the Libyan coast to Lampedusa. At 21 Daniele Gaglianone introduces the projection of his latest film Where we must stay, the story of four Italian women, of different origins, engaged as volunteers in welcoming migrants.

Friday 10 May at 5pm Francesco Miccichè introduces his cinema, opening the dances to a day entirely dedicated to contemporary Italian comedy that continues with a round table animated, among others, by Enrico Vanzina, Neri Parenti, Giuseppe Stasi and Giancarlo Fontana. At 8.30 pm Stasi and Fontanapresent their film Put the grandmother in the freezer, in the presence of part of the cast. Saturday, May 11th at 9.00 pm on stage at the Palladium Claudio Giovannesi to present La paranza dei bambini, best screenplay at the Berlinale 2019; while on Sunday 12 May there will be the awarding of the traditional „Carta Bianca Dams“ short film competition reserved for under-35 students. Special guests of the final evening are Pupi and Antonio Avati, who receive a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Roma Tre Film Festival closes at 8.30 pm with the latest screening of the „Back on film“ series dedicated to the film L’arcano enchanter by Pupi Avati, with the participation of actor Stefano Dionisi.

The program in detail
18.00 – „Master Class“ Workshop of Patrizia Genovesi Bernardo Bertolucci, a life for the cinema
19.15 – „Musica & Cinema“ Okies in concert Rageen
20.30 – „Return in film“ Tribute to Bernardo Bertolucci and Giulio Brogi Projection in 35mm of Spider strategy by Bernardo Bertolucci, 1970, 110 ‚in the presence of Roberto Perpignani. Participants are Daniela Currò, Alberto Crespi, Raffaele Meale

16.00 – “Spazio Corti” From the Filmmaking workshops of the Dams Riflesso (4 ‚) edited by Francesco Crispino The Rift (7‘) by Antonio Di Trapani Immortality (4 ‚) by Antonio Di Trapani
17.00 – „Back on film“ The case of London Smoke and Misery and nobility (10 ‚) by Augustus color Presents Gianni Celata to follow Round Table: „The restoration in film. The case of Hands on the city „with Daniela Currò, Massimo Gaudioso, Alessandro Aniballi, Anton Giulio Mancino and a testimony by Raffaele La Capria Following 35 mm projection of Le mani sulla città by Francesco Rosi, 1963, 110
‚21.00 -“ Imaginary global migration „Ibi by Andrea Segre, 2017, 64 ‚, in the presence of the director

17.00 – “Spazio Corti” From the course of Institutions directed by Dams The human voice 3.0 (10 ‚) with Tiziana Bagatella to follow Event out of competition Nomofobia (14‘) by Ado Hasanović, in the presence of the protagonist Tiziana Bagatella
18.00 – „Preview“ Kobarid by Christian Carmosino Mereu, 2019, 100 ‚, in the presence of the director and editor Fabrizio Mambro
21.00 – „Master Class“ Party of Franco Piavoli, 2016, 40‘, in the presence of the director and Giacomo Martini

15.30 – „Carta Bianca Dams“ Elias by Brando Bartoleschi (12 ‚) There will be time for Simone Ciancotti Petrucci (18‘) Stuff from the Other World, by Lorenzo Di Nola (7 ‚) Lobster dinner, by Gregorio Franchetti (15 ‚)
17.00 – „Imaginary of global migration“ Freedom must not die at sea by Alfredo Lo Piero, 2018, 77‘, in the presence of the director and Giacomo Martini Hope remains! by Virginia Barrett (15 ‚), in the presence of the director to follow Round Table: „Am I my brother’s keeper?“ with Daniele Gaglianone, Franco Prono, Andrea Ravenda, Andrea Carlino, Andrea Rabbito, introduces the President of the University of the Studies of Enna „Kore“ Cataldo Salerno
20.30 – „Imaginary of global migration“ Where you have to stay by Daniele Gaglianone, 2018, 97 ‚, in the presence of the director

15.30 – „Carta Bianca Dams“ Nerd Forever by Simone Spige aka Mario Caroni (16 ‚) The sad story of an idiot boxer, by Paolo Strippoli (21‘) The wedding of Cadmus and Harmony by Gianluca Mei (7 ‚) Powder we are, by Lorenzo Donnini (18 ‚)
17.00 – „Master Class“ Meeting with Francesco Miccichè Screening of sequences of his films and tribute to Lino Miccichè in the fifteenth of his death following Round Table: „The contemporary Italian comedy“ with Ilaria de Pascalis, Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe Stasi, Giacomo Manzoli, Neri Parenti, Enrico Vanzina
20.30 – „Master Class“ Put the grandmother in the freezer by Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe Stasi, 2018, 100 ‚, in the presence of the directors

15.30 – „Carta Bianca Dams“ The Essence of Everything, by Daniele Barbiero (20 ‚) Melanie by Nicholas Martini (13‘) Happy Today by Giulio Tonincelli (18 ‚) Im baren, Lilian Sassanelli (15‘)
17.00 – „Tribute to Citto Maselli“ Presentation of the book The cinema of Francesco ‚Citto‘ Maselli ‚Participants: Roberto Cicutto, Furio Colombo, Fabio Ferzetti, Paolo Taviani, Bruno Torri, Aldo Tortorella, Wilma Labate, with a videotestimony by Valeria Golino to follow Storia d’amore by Citto Maselli, 1986, 109 ‚, in the presence of the director
20.30 – „Master Class“ The paranza dei bambini, 2019, 105‘, in the presence of Claudio Giovannesi

15.30 – „Carta Bianca Dams“ Beauty, by Nicola Abbatangelo (25 ‚) Pater Familias, by Giacomo Boeri (10‘) Humam by Carmelo Segreto (12 ‚) In the beginning, by Daniele Nicolosi (20‘)
17.00 – “ Master Class „My daughter by Laura Bispuri, 2018, 100 ‚in the presence of the director Following GC Castello Award for the best degree and doctoral thesis Delivery Stefania Paris to follow White Paper Award Dams Projection of the short film
20.30 -“ Final evening „Award special Palladium Cinema at Pupi and Antonio Avati L’arcano enchanter by Pupi Avati, 1996, 96 ‚, in the presence of the director, the producer and Stefano Dionisi.

Location: Teatro Palladium Università Roma Tre, Piazza Bartolomeo Romano, 8, Rome
Date: May 6-12


Teatro Palladium Università Roma Tre, Piazza Bartolomeo Romano, 8, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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