Buda Castle Garden´s


There are several gardens on the side of the Buda Castle, each of which has a lot of beauty and a fresh spot. The garden admires, relaxes, recharges. We can walk through them and get to know them more closely on the walk of Budastep. Which is the tree that Emperor Franz Joseph personally gave grace and thus escaped from the cut? How did the Matthias church well into the garden of the Stróbl family? Where is the Garden of Rabbits? These questions can all be answered if we attend this pleasant spring-walk on May 11th.

Place: 1013 Budapest, Szarvas tér 1.
Date: May, Saturday 11, 2019
Start: 10:00 AM
Admission: 10 €
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Budapest, Szarvas tér 1, 1013 Maďarsko


10 EUR

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