Hania Rani (PL)


Pianist, composer commuting between Hania Rani, Krakow and Berlin. Young woman writing on strings, piano, vocals and electronics collaborated with Christian Löffler, Dobrawa Czocher, and Hior Chronik, and released his album, Teskno, with his Polish band. His first album, Esja, is now on its way to the world on its own, where, in its own words – „I no longer hide behind collaborations and projects. For the first time I’m just the way I am! ”

Place: 1073 Budapest, Akácfa utca 49-51.
Date: May, Wednesday 8, 2019
Start: 07:00 PM
Admission: 4-7 €
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Budapest, Akácfa utca 49-51, 1073 Maďarsko


4 - 7 EUR

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