Pictoplasma 2019 INTER__FACES

08.05.2019 - 12.05.2019

The central exhibition of Pictoplasma 2019 takes place at Silent Green and presents artistic works that explore our emotional relationship with virtual characters. Although the characters initially engage viewers, their attitude remains alien, seemingly aloof and disinterested. The opening of the exhibition and festival on May 8th will feature a performance by Fred und Luna––the two mannequins and muses of the musician, poet, photographer, and filmmaker Rainer Buchmüller. His highly contemporary combination of repetitive rhythms, magical melodies, electronic soundscapes has earned the name “Electrokraut.” He will be accompanied by UFO Hawaii aka Künstler Treu, solo artist and band member of Der Plan and Mutter, who will continue the evening with his sound collages.

Place: Silent Green Kulturquartier
Date: 08/5/2019 – 12/5/2019
Start: 12 P.M.
Admission: free

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Gerichtstraße 35, Berlin, Nemecko



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