Musical Musicanti

07.05.2019 - 21.05.2019

Musicanti – The musical with the songs of Pino Daniele
The event show of the year arrives in Rome. From Naples to Bari, from Florence to Turin, from Milan to Assisi, “ Musicanti “ has collected sold out and standing ovations everywhere, combining stage and audience in a single, extraordinary emotional wave.

The musical with the songs of Pino Daniele , in fact, has seduced all the cities he touched, dragging the audience into a whirlwind of emotions and throwing catchphrases that are going around the web, like the dance of ‚O Scic.

The production is by Sergio De Angelis for Ingenius Srl and Fabio Massimo Colasanti who is also in charge of the art direction and who has been with the man in blues for more than twenty years. Together they created a work that brings together the arts of theater, music and dance, in a respectful homage to the immense artist who was Pino Daniele, managing to create a new language that goes beyond the simple boundaries of the musical.

The stories of the characters intertwine with the songs that have thrilled thousands of people, such as „Na Tazzulella ‚e cafè“ , „A me me piace‘ o blues“ , „I say I sto ‚ccà“ , „Napule è“ , “ Viento ” , “ Je so pazzo ” , “ Cammina walks ” , “ Lazzari felice ” , “ Musica musica ” , “ Quanno chiove ” and many others taken from the following repertoire, such as “ Che piacere ” and “ Anima ” .

The scenes become suggestive paintings in which the cast moves: Noemi Smorra (Anna), Alessandro D’Auria (Antonio), Maria Letizia Gorga (Donna Concetta), Simona Capozzi (Rita), Pietro Pignatelli (Dummì), Enzo Casertano (Tatà ), Francesco Viglietti (Teresina), Leandro Amato (‚O Scic), Ciro Capano (Nonno). The actors and the dance troupe are accompanied on stage by an exceptional “ resident band “ composed of famous „friends“ musicians of Pino:

the same artistic director Fabio Massimo Colasanti on guitar, Roberto d’Aquino on bass, Alfredo Golino on drums, Simone Salza on sax and Elisabetta Serio , piano-keyboards.

A sophisticated and faithful sound to the production of Pino Daniele, curated by the historical sound engineer of Lazzaro felice, Fabrizio Facioni and ​extraordinary lighting design by light-engineer Marco Palmieri .

The unpublished story written by Alessandra Della Guardia and Urbano Lione is that of the young Antonio, who returns to his Naples for a bequest. The mysterious benefactor is his father, whom he never knew anything about. Shocked by the news, he wants to get rid of the building but discovers that it is a historic music venue, the „Ue Man“. The boy will be forced to stay in Naples to manage the situation, but he will do so thanks to the help of a street artist, Dummì. He will meet the beautiful Anna, Teresina and meet Rita again, he will know a part of his past thanks to the manager of the local Tatà and he will have to defend himself from the traps of the local villain, ‚O Scic. The presence of Antonio in a Naples that has always found repulsion will eventually change his life.

All the news and the updated calendar of the tour is available on the official website:

Info & Tickets 063265991 –

Location: Teatro Olimpico, Piazza Gentile da Fabriano, Rome
Date: May 7-21
Cost: Send email to inquire about tickets


Teatro Olimpico, Piazza Gentile da Fabriano, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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