North Indian Paneer Peppers & Chapati


In this workshop,​ we will be making a Northern Indian dish using paneer which is traditionally a soft cheese and is adapted to many variations. My variation is with peppers and I call it “paneer peppers”. This dish is amazingly delicious and aromatic and is a favorite amongst family and friends. Paneer is usually made from curdling milk, it is actually the same process as making tofu. I prefer to use tofu as it is much healthier and lower in calories than using dairy paneer. One can hardly taste the difference as both are tasteless, wait for it…the spices do the job and not to mention “spice up your life”.

Place: Daheim Manufaktur, Dieffenbachstraße 68
Date: 26.5
Start: 11 A.M.
Admission: 42 EUR

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Daheim Manufaktur, Dieffenbachstraße 68, Berlin, Berlin, Nemecko


42 EUR

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