12th Krakow Film Music Festival

14.05.2019 - 21.05.2019

According to the film director Frank Capra, there are three universal languages: film, music and maths. If he is to be believed, according to our calculations Kraków will be the perfect place for conversation in May! At times subdued, discreet, almost absent, then loud, urgent, almost aggressive… Sometimes it serves to simply illustrate emotions, only to take over the burden of narration later. Music has long been an equal partner to film, and directors and composers work closely together to ensure their message is harmonious. The 12th Krakow Film Music Festival (14-21 May) presents a selection of highly successful combinations of sound and vision. We will hear chamber music, acoustic music, rousing music, orchestral music, exuberant music and resonant music, and the finale concert resounds with dazzling and elegant music. Get ready for symphonic suites and catchy songs! All this, as always during the FMF, in the company of acclaimed and up-and-coming artists and loyal audiences.

Place: TAURON Arena Kraków, ul. Lema 7
Date: 14.5.2019-21.5.2019
Admission: 0-25€

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Tauron Arena Krakow, Stanisława Lema, Kraków, Poland


0-25 EUR

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