The Light of Rome

03.05.2019 - 16.05.2019

„The Light of Rome“ Exhibition by Antonio Finelli

From May 3rd to May 16th in the Medina Rome exhibition, a personal exhibition by Antonio Finelli entitled „La luce di Roma“. The Roman artist lives and paints in the Rione Esquilino, he creates evocative views and metaphysical landscapes of the capital, in which the only protagonists are light and colors.
Antonio Finelli paints the city of Rome with the spontaneous freshness of a meticulous and wise child. Streets, squares, streets, basilicas, trees and parks qualify the Roman panorama par excellence, and become in his eyes a discovery that the painter makes by modeling close and consolidated perspectives from the integrated beam of light and color. The painting is simple and immediate, because it adheres spontaneously to the things seen: it seals the true by superimposed degrees, with molded inlays of green, light blue, red, yellow and purple.
The result is an atmosphere of space built in an enveloping fine dust; clear and silent, which echoes the formal worlds of the most thoughtful ‚primitive‘ ancestry of the 20th century.

The Roman landscape which was overdetermined by the almost artificial effects of light-color brings us into an atmosphere of modern emblem; where the only human and narrative element is revealed as the prehensile and inquiring eye of the painter-observer: with the effect of suggesting the hypothesis of a circumstantial paradigm where every element of the landscape is a potential place for lived dramas that no longer live here .

Location: Via Angelo Poliziano 32, Rome
Opening Friday 3 May 6:00 pm 3/16
Open to the public: Monday-Friday 10: 00-13: 00 and 15: 00-19: 00
Cost: Free admission


Via Angelo Poliziano, 32, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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