‚Seoul Romance‘ Exhibition

18.04.2019 - 29.05.2019

The Korean capital Seoul, which currently has more than 10 million inhabitants, has a very ancient history. As early as 8,000 ~ 7,000 BC the first inhabitants began to reside there by building various villages. In 18 BC Baekje, one of the three kingdoms in which the Korean peninsula was divided, was founded right here. Later the city was named in various ways as Hansan, Hansung, Hanyang, Yangju, Namkyung, Kyungsung, up to the current name Seoul. During the Chosun dynasty, Seoul was the center of the Korean peninsula for more than 700 years. Beijing became the capital of the Chinese kingdom in 1272, the castle of Edo, the current Japanese capital Tokyo, was built in 1457. Paris and London entered history in the 50th C respectively. and in 43 BC with the conquest by the Roman army.

Seoul is a city of mountains and rivers. The water that flows along the eastern mountain range of the Korean peninsula gathers and becomes the Han River. The river crosses the center of the peninsula in the middle of the Bukhan and Gwanak mountains and then flows into the West Sea. Seoul is located right between the rivers and the hills located in the middle of these two rocky mountains. The city, made up of the historic center which is located on the northern part of the river, and the modern area which is located in the southern part, boasts several landscapes during all four seasons. The inhabitants who live there are always full of vitality.

Five artists in love with Seoul have come together to show it to the world. Korean painting, photography, ink painting … their fields of activity are varied but they are all artists focused on the cultural renaissance of Seoul. Every year, in addition to the exhibition held in Seoul, they also visit other historic cities in the world. After the exhibition held in Madrid in 2017, Rome is the second foreign stop. We expect this exhibition to become the root of ‚artistic Romanticism‘ that will unite Seoul, the center of Asian culture, and Rome, the capital of European culture.

Place: Korean Cultural Institute, Via Nomentana 12, Plan 1
Date: 19 April-29 May 2019. Opening Date: April 18 at 7pm
Exhibition Duration: 19 April ~ 29 May 2019
Time: 9.00 ~ 17.00
Cost: Free


Korean Cultural Institute, Via Nomentana, 12, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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