Barcelona represents a Mecca of music, an interactive environment where musicians from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America gather to create unique music from this city. MiraMundo members are united by freedom, the courage to overcome any borders, the love for multiculturalism and a global understanding of their own traditions. MiraMundo songs present intimate stories about love, travel experiences and feelings while mixing diverse genres: bossa nova, Mexican mariachi, samba, Italian and Gypsy songs or African traditions are blended into a balanced blend of gentle rhythms and strong melodies. „Connecting Cultures that seem distant“.

Luiz Murá (Brasil) voice, viola caipira, charango and guitar.
Agostino Aragno (Italy) voice and violin.
Ernesto Vargas Aguila (Mexico) voice, bass and double bass.
Marina Curbelo (Spain) voice and percussion.
Jabu Morales (Brasil) voice and percussion.

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Kultúrne Zariadenia Petržalky, Rovniankova 3, 851 02 Petržalka, Bratislava V, Slovensko


10 EUR

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