And now it’s Dad’s turn!

After his celebrated “Selfie von Mutti” -Tour “, on which the multi-award-winning shooting star of the German comedy scene in 2016 and 2017 filled the arenas of the republic in series, Chris Tall will be starting his new solo program from January 2018” And now it’s his turn! “on big tour!

September 2017 – Already during Chris Tall’s very successful “Selfie of Mutti” tour “he was asked again and again the question:” Hey, how much do you weigh? ” Followed by: “And when is daddy’s turn?” Now! The wistful waiting is over! From January 2018, Chris Tall will present his new solo program “And now it’s Dad’s turn!”

After Mutti, he listens to the honorable Mr. Papa – and the wilder, faster, more interactive than ever before! – #is he allowed doing​ that? And whether! He even has to! – Because what is more blatant than a caring mother? Exactly: the male version!

If you thought Chris’ mom is funny, wait and see Daddy: Papa. A wondrous being, packed with little pocket money, dressed like Oliver Kahn and always ready with advice on energy-saving pears. He considers “Whats Appiiie?” A funny twist on “Good day!”, Still looking for pokemons on Sunday and casually sending a voice message in 25 parts. Of course, dad wants to make from his harmless fat son Chris a crisp Olympic champion and go fishing with him in the summer, while Chris dreams of a Matjesbrötchen at “North Sea”. When dad educates the junior about the things of life around the campfire, it starts with the difference between Domina and Domino. Many Thanks. As a rule, the dad shoots the bird when he meets his first girlfriend: “NO PAPA! ‘What’s up, sister?! `IS NOT COOL!”

Chris Tall has experienced all this and allows his audience to participate in words and body. There is no show like the other one. Again and again Chris Tall turns his own gags on the head and comically in exchange with his audience, in the end to conclude: Damn, now I’ve fooled myself again! Everyone can be found in the stories of Chris Tall, which he tells in an authentic and lifelike way. So he thrilled all generations with a lot of love in the heart: Because at the end of the show it is always: We are all but part of a large, damn lovable family! Even daddy!

Place: Globe Wien, Karl Farkas Gasse 19, 1030 Vienna, Austria
Date: 14.9. 2019
Start: 19:30
Admission: 40€
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Globe Wien, 19, Karl-Farkas-Gasse, 1030 Wien, Vienna, Austria


40 EUR

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