Luke Mockridge


Luke Mockridge Launches New Live Tour in 2019 WELCOME TO LUCKYLAND!

Welcome to the world of Luke Mockridge! Come in and experience Germany’s exceptional entertainer on its third and biggest live tour so far. Now that Luke Mockridge has set new standards with his latest live program „Lucky Man“, and has taken us on a journey of self-discovery, he now changes his perspective: WELCOME TO LUCKYLAND is the view of a world that is constantly being sold to us as dystopia. But is our world really doomed, or is humanity still getting the turn when it realizes that every single one of them is ultimately responsible for their own Luckyland?

Even though it is hard for the optimist Luke, as always, he does everything to improve the world around him a little bit with each laugh. The suitcase full of optimism, instruments and stories about life, the world and the task of finally taking responsibility for the world as a ’90s child, makes Germany’s exceptional artist back on tour! You are invited! WELCOME TO LUCKYLAND!

Place: Wiener Stadthalle
Date: 8.6. 2019
Start: 19:30
Admission: 40€
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Wiener Stadthalle, Roland-Rainer-Platz, Viedeň, Rakúsko


40 EUR

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