Steak Tasting


Two fascinating hours with the best meat from all over the world.
Learn everything you need to know about „steak“ from the optimal cooking time to the fine crust.
In addition to the perfect preparation of their steak, meat experts learn in our steak seminar, practical knowledge about where the rump steak actually „sits“ or why the neck piece is so popular.

Tasting takes place under the direction of certified meat sommelier Ronny Paulusch.

Preliminary menu sequence:
(high-quality​ meat is a natural product and not everything is always available)

1st gear: pig Iberico Pressa
2nd gear: Cassina Beiried (Galicia) or similar
3rd course: Flap Steak Uruguay
4th gear: Top End of Rump
5th course: Chicken Steak Argentina (Maredo)
6th course: Rubia Gallega Ribeye or Beiried 45 days dry aged
7th gear: Flank Steak Australia
8th gear: Hanging tender USA
9th gear: TriTip Steak Australia
10th gear: Wagyu BMS 12+ Japan

The total amount of meat per course is about 50-80g.
Total amount of fish per person is about 500-600g

Side dishes:
Salad & Baquette
Aioli & tomato butter

Mineral water still or tingling

Schnapps / Gin (for participants from 18 years)

** Changes and additional menus reserved **

Each participant will receive a certificate of participation and a goodie bag.

Place: Marx Halle, 19 Karl-Farkas-Gasse, 1030 Wien, Austria
Date: 1.6. 2019
Start: 19:00
Admission: 89€
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MARX HALLE, 19, Karl-Farkas-Gasse, 1030 Vienna, Rakúsko


89 EUR

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