The Perfect Cup of Tea


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we are happy to present you the first workshop held by Alessandra Celi di Tè and Rome teapots, to be held in our new space in Cascina Cuccagna.
The event will take place within the Milan Food City Festival 2019 and in conjunction with the Agricultural Market of Cuccagna – Milan Food City.


The tea class lasts 2 hours, during which we will discuss the following topics:
how to recognize a good quality tea by looking and smelling the leaves, how to keep it at home.
Because we have to choose a good mineral water, because the kettle is not a teapot and vice versa!
Practical advice: How to prepare a good cup of tea, the doses, the temperature and the infusion times.

The comparative tasting of 6 teas will help us understand what are the common mistakes we make and that do not let us taste our tea to the fullest, and the simplest and most effective ways to correct them.

The importance of the infusion temperature: tasting of a prized green tea, Sencha Kabuse, prepared with water at 95 ° and 65 °

The importance of tea quality: tasting of an Earl Gray in a sachet and our Earl Gray The King
The importance of water quality: infusion of a Yunnan Golden tips black tea with tap water and BWT carafe filtered water

Place: Cascina Cuccagna, Via Cuccagna 2/4, 20135 Milan, Italy
Date: 4.5.2019
Start: 10:00 – 13:00
Admission: 55€

For INFO and REGISTRATION write to


MilanoTango - Cascina Cuccagna, Via Privata Cuccagna, Miláno, Taliansko


55 EUR

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