BACKSTAGE Wiener Staatsoper


The film by Stephanus Domanig BACKSTAGE WIENER STAATSOPER, according to its name, looks into the backstage of this cultural scene and outlines a multifaceted but largely invisible world of work that allows world-famous singers, conductors and musicians to thrill their audience. It focuses on those employees who oversee, run, oversee, and operate this vast and comprehensive institution. And there is a lot of them. They provide insight into their work and allow viewers to see what is needed to make the productions run smoothly and successfully. Not only does the opera have an excellent reputation, it has a constant and remarkable capacity utilization of 99% for up to two free gaming days in the year.
With the participation of director Stephanus Domanig.
German language movie with English subtitles. Free entrance!


Rakúske kultúrne fórum, Hodžovo námestie, Bratislava, Slovensko



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