Jurajska Majówka w Ogrodziencu


Who comes with us to Jurajska Majówka from Krakow (Nowa Huta) to Ogrodzienc? We invite you for a trip to the Ogrodzienc Castle. During the trip, we will also drive to the Bledowska Desert – about 33 km2 of area, which is the largest area of volatile sands in Poland. In Ogrodzieniec, however, we will have the opportunity to admire the ruins of the Castle built in the 14th century on the initiative of King Casimir the Great.

Place: Nowa Huta Travel
Date: 1.5.2019
Time: 11:00
Admission: 25-28€

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Nowa Huta Travel, Stanisława Wojciechowskiego, Kraków, Poland


25-28 EUR

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