World Earth Day Events in Rome

22.04.2019 - 29.04.2019

The United Nations World Earth Day (Earth Day) of 22 April – the 49th edition of which is celebrated this year – represents the moment of awareness for the protection of the most impacting planet in the world capable of mobilizing over one billion each year people in 193 UN countries.

In Italy the official celebrations of the United Nations World Earth Day are the April 22 Concert for the Earth on the Terrazza del Pincio in Rome, and the Village for the Earth always at the Pincio and the Galoppatoio of Villa Borghese, from 25 to 29 April . Events organized by Earth Day Italy and the Focolare Movement along with hundreds of partner organizations.

World Earth Day, events in Rome
Six full days of initiatives dedicated to the protection of the planet, with a particular focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 17 multimedia squares will be dedicated to individual objectives and will be animated by 51 young people, trained by the Catholic High School for the Environment of Brescia. The squares will be the scene of talks, workshops, exhibitions and events by the many organizations that join the event every year.

In past editions, the Village for the Earth has been the protagonist of moments of extraordinary importance, including the exceptional visit of Pope Francis and the connection with the Glass Palace of New York for the ratification of the historic Paris Agreement on climate, wanted by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on the occasion of Earth Day. Last year the event managed to involve 150,000 people in Villa Borghese thanks to over 600 events organized by around 250 partners.

The Village for the Earth 2019 avails itself of the support of CONOU National Consortium for the Collection and Treatment Management of Used Mineral Oils, ACEA, DeAgostini, Ricola, PAM Group, ICS Institute for Sports Credit.

Earth Day 2019 in Rome
Dedicated to both adults and children, sportsmen, families, students and experts, the Village also organizes music, science, sports, games, art and information events:

Concert for the Earth – on 22 April, on the occasion of the Earth Day on the Terrazza del Pincio, the now traditional Concert for the Earth, as always strictly free. On stage Carmen Consoli, who already in 2011 had animated the Earth Day with Patti Smith, who for the occasion will return with a „rock version“, of her repertoire particularly expected by her fans. With her, Marina Rei together with Paolo Benvegnù, Mirkoeilcane and Eva Pevarello. Also on April 22 on the Terrazza del Pincio, with the Street Earth 2030 project, the most important street artists, including Moby Dick and Maupal, will perform in a live painting that will represent the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Villaggio dello Sport (25-29 April) – organized with the sponsorship of the Pontifical Council for Culture, CONI and the Italian Paralympic Committee and the participation of over thirty federations and sports associations, the Village will offer, for 5 days, the opportunity to practice dozens of free games and sporting activities, to attend tournaments and demonstrations of great champions. The Village will also be the venue for important official events such as the Italian Archery Team Championship.

Children’s Village (April 25-29) – lots of educational activities that will entertain the little ones, from the large Biodiversity Park of the Carabinieri Forestry, the Pompieropoli of the Fire Brigade, to the experiments on volcanoes and earthquakes of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology , at the Inflatable Planetarium of the National Institute of Astrophysics.

Children’s Village (April 25-29) – special attention to children and schools with the Festival of Education for Sustainability and the General States of the Environment for Youth. Also great attention to the world of university and young innovators.

Shows (25-29 April) – in addition to the Earth Concert on 22 April, the Village offers an exceptional cultural program with music, dance, theater performances, readings and artistic performances.

And then many other artists, from Max Paiella to Tony Esposito, from Rino Gaetano Band to the orchestra Swing by Luca Russo, from the evening with the cartoon bands, to the guys from Scomodo.

The talk shows
Every day a special talk show to explore the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 5P of sustainability:

Thursday, April 25 PEACE – Put the Sport in the field!

Playing on the contrast between conflict and respect, the talk, organized in collaboration with Il Cortile dei Gentili, #BeAlive and Sportmeet, will deal with the themes of competition and will deepen the role of sport as a tool able to go beyond physical, ethnic and cultural barriers, religious;

Friday 26 April PROSPERITY – Innovation and Sustainable Development

Organized in collaboration with the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, the Talk Prosperity will play on the contrast between Stasis and Change emphasizing how innovation can be a tool for sustainable development, not only from an economic and financial point of view but also and above all from that environmental and social. Managers and decision makers will discuss with tomorrow’s young innovators from universities in different countries.

Saturday, April 27th PARTNERSHIP – Amazonia, forest of cultures

Organized with the Pontifical Council for Culture – Cortile dei Gentili. Playing on the contrast between homologation and (bio) diversity, and making use of experiences of reality such as the Catholic University of Rondonia (Brazil) and of the Survival International association, the delicate question will be addressed on the eve of the Synod of Bishops next October. Amazonian, with a particular interest in indigenous cultures increasingly endangered by deforestation and the phenomenon of land grabbing.

Sunday 28 April PLANET – Health and Climate

Organized in collaboration with the Department of Women’s Health and Children’s Health and Public Health at the Università Cattolica di Roma, directed by prof. Walter Ricciardi. The Focus will give voice to the commitment of hundreds of researchers and Nobel laureates who, in the recent „International Charter of Rome on climate and health“, have made recommendations and suggested actions necessary for political decision makers and at the same time given indications to raise awareness on these issues trying to place them at the center of all the diaries.

Monday 29 April PEOPLE – Who is the Earth?

As part of the Sustainability Education Festival, and playing on the contrast between custody and possession, young people, the absolute protagonists of the day, will ask themselves: „Who is the Earth?“ The boys will confront each other to replace an outdated culture based on possession and conquer it to the detriment of the adversary, with a new one that focuses on the common good and the need to find shared solutions.

Location: Villa Borghese, Rome
Date: 22-29 April 2019
Cost: Free


Villa Borghese, Piazzale Napoleone I, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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