Exposition „Le merveilleux-scientifique“

23.04.2019 - 25.08.2019

The BNF dedicates an unprecedented exhibition to an unknown part of the French literature of the early twentieth century, the „wonderful scientist“. This term was used before the science fiction loan to English. The exhibition reveals the richness of the French scientific imagination, even before the advent of American science fiction in the early 1930s.

Place: B.N.F François Mitterrand -Allée Julien Cain
Dates: 23 April – 25 August
Time: 13h-19h
Price: 0€
Access: Metro 14 : Bibliothèque François Mitterrand
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Bibliothèque nationale de France, Quai François-Mauriac, 75013 Paríž, Francúzsko



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