A new festival aimed at connections of classical music with other genres and provocative dramaturgical projects.

Sunday 28th April at 7 pm
Clarissine Church Concert Hall
L. Fančovič – baritone saxophone, M. Paľa – milanolo

Ladislav Fančovič will not only open the festival as bandleader, pianist and jazz organist, but will also close it, and once again in an atypical role. Together with one of our major violinists Milan Paľa they will prepare an extraordinary programme for the Bratislava Crossover Festival, perfectly fulfilling the second dramaturgical line of the festival – provocative dramaturgical projects. They will perform the transcriptions of Bach‘s Cello Sonatas, whereby none of them will play his „main“ instrument: Ladislav Fančovič will introduce himself as a ​saxophonist and in the hands of Milan Paľa will appear an instrument, which was constructed especially for him – a combination of violin and viola carrying the name milanolo.


Klariská 1, Bratislava, Slovensko


10 EUR

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