The Bonus Level vs. Hardcore Underground UK 2019

28.06.2019 - 29.06.2019

As life transforms, to this and our next chapter to our story for this special occasion and ascension into a new era, we invite you to the blossoming of our newest night, teaming up with UK label and worldly known „Hardcore Underground“

The Bonus Level, Hardcore Underground UK, Tekno republic & Tekno Moon are joining forces to make this Night unforgettable 👼 🥂

In one venue, one stage, you will get a pick between HardTek, Hard Dance, Hard Psy, PsyTek, Psycore, Happy Hardcore & Powerstomp of which style is triumphant 🕺🎵 🎶💃

Line up:
► DJ RIKO & Ben Defekt ( Contagious Records)

With Support From:
► DJ Shagg-E (The Bonus Level HQ/ Contagious Records) 🇮🇪
► Jula SCM ( TEKNO Republic) 🇨🇿
► Aleksandr „DJ Tadaa“ 🇱🇻
► Dany23 ( Tekno-Moon) 🇷🇴
► Alex (Tekno-Moon) 🇷🇴


Voodoo Lounge, Arran Quay, Dublin, Ireland


15 EUR

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