Society 5.0 – A Human Centric Future


Progress, innovation, future, these are the words that run today through the paths of our politics, economy and global society.

From young to older, all age groups are hit by a new cultural evolution that has as its basis a paradigm shift never seen before: the digital transformation of our species.

This reality in place raises questions and objectives about how the society we want in the immediate and even more distant future should be. What dynamics would we like to create in the relationship between man and his artificial extension? Who should lead the choices and guide the impacts of the progress of the 21st century? What will be the role of man in this dizzying and unstoppable transformation?

We feel the need to explore these challenges and to face an increasingly imminent vision of the future on how to build a new human identity, which is central to the social and economic drifts of our time.

Will the new society, digital and accelerated, complex and unequal, unaware of the past and striving for the race to the future, be able to find a new balance of centripetal forces that lead to the only true objective of every historical evolution? or that of placing man and his species again and constantly at the center of the choices?

This is the company 5.0 that we hope for: a man-centered society in which to outline a new identity of the man who, stronger and more aware thanks to the prodigy of technological tools, is able to transfer the teachings of the past into a new formula of future, balanced, coherent and truly evolved coexistence.

Location: Rome Convention Center The Cloud, Viale Asia, 40, Rome
Date: Sat, 4 May 2019
Time: 10:00
Cost: 35-50 Euros


Rome Convention Center The Cloud, Viale Asia, 40, Rome, Roma Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


35 EUR

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