Salon of Photography 2019 at the 13a

10.04.2019 - 30.04.2019

This second edition of the Salon de la photographie of the 13th will be devoted to women and photography: women subjects, women objects, women writers … For a long time, the quality of „photographer“ has only appreciated the masculine. What is the place of women in the world of photography today? Many events will come to light this 2nd edition: conferences, screenings, animations, workshops and of course exhibitions at the Town Hall of the 13th District (arrondisement).

Place: Town hall of the 13th arrondissement
Dates: 10-30 April
Price: free
Access: Metro 5, 6, 7 : Place d’Italie
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town hall of Paris 13th arrondissement, 1 Place d'Italie, 75013 Paríž, Francúzsko



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