Car Boot Market, Flea Market in Testaccio

14.04.2019 - 28.04.2019

Since October 2013 the cultural association OPIFICIO DELLE ARTI has organized the CAR BOOT MARKET, a used and recycled market at the CITTA ‚DELL’ALTRA ECONOMIA at the former Mattatoio in Rome.

The intent is to recreate the spirit of the „CAR BOOT SALE“ in the Capital, which translated literally means „sale from the bonnet of the car“, seeking above all the same atmosphere of conviviality, business research, recycling and reuse of the objects of the English Car Boot Market, an impromptu market made exclusively by private individuals who pass there looking for a bargain or simply for company.
An ecological way to get rid of the superfluous. A nice way to make a few euros while having fun.
Because the purpose of those who sell or trade in a Car Boot Market is simply to free the house, attic and basement from what is kept because „still good“ but which has not been used for twenty years (and probably will never be used …)

The organizers‘ main aim is to create a meeting point, a regular event that repeats every Sunday: because the real Car Boot Market is a place where people chat, drink coffee, exchange objects, or even just ideas, or just walk.
The exhibition space of our salesmen is the hood of their car, more, if desired, a table where to display the most „precious“ objects.
The cost of the exhibition space is little more than symbolic, while for visitors the entrance is free.

A small variation concerns the corner of the two wheels, the „scooter boot market“, reserved for those who do not have a car: small objects that can be carried and displayed with the scooter.

Taking part is easy: just load the unused car into the car and come, open the luggage rack and sell.
Simple, yes, but there are some small rules: the Car Boot Market is a market exclusively between private individuals. Prices can also be made there based on who is in front of us. You can not sell precious or food.
Grandma’s pickles are good for sure but we eat them at home.
It arrives from 8.30 am to 9.30 am and opens at 10 am. At sunset everyone at home.

To book you must fill out the form that is on the site, or call to the numbers indicated, the payment will be made on the same Sunday on the spot: 20 euros for cars and 5 euros for scooters.
Upon arrival, a photocopy of a valid identity document and the substitutive declaration of an affidavit must be submitted in its entirety (form available online or at the stand of the organization on site).

Finally a recommendation: you come to spend a different day, to have a chat, to have fun, to free your mind.
This is the FUNDAMENTAL purpose of our Car Boot Market!

for info:
Eugenio Casadio Tarabusi
President of the Association OPIFICIO DELLE ARTI

Location: Città dell’Altra Economia, Largo Dino Frisullo, Rome
Date: April 14-28
Time: 9am-6pm
Cost: Free entrance


Città dell'Altra Economia, Largo Dino Frisullo, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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