Top things to do this weeekend in Budapest

13.04.2019 - 14.04.2019

What is going on in Budapest 🇹🇯 this weekend?💁‍♀️ Check it up here.🙂

📌Paleo & Bio Market 🥑🍎🧀🐐
This April is the first year of this year’s Only Free Spring Fair, where we can boast our new gluten-free, milk-free, lactose-free, paleo, bio, vegan, but also additive and preservative-free beauty products at exhibitors‘ booths.
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📌Spring Tourism🌷🌸🏞️
The Pilis hides a lot of memories, just look at a tourist map a little more thoroughly. What is strange, however, is that, unlike our other regions, we can find a lot of place names called “death”. These are mostly reminiscent of an old-fashioned tragedy that was only preserved by the local folk memory, but fortunately,​ these stories are now available to a wider audience.
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📌Zhao Zhao Breakfast🥞🍳🥐🥗
On a Saturday, a common breakfast is organized at Zhao Zhou, where local bakers‘ products are placed alongside 3 optional tea. On the 13th of April, we can have a snack from the bakery of the Pipacs Bakery from 9 am.
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📌Flower Market💐🌺🌹🌷🌻
On April 13, a flower shop is organized at one of the busiest venues in the party district, Gozsdu Udvar, where not only can we get the latest jewelry in our home, but we can also get useful information and professional advice on their care.
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📌Yoga in the Mai Manó House
On April 13, we will be able to practice yoga in the Sun Lighthouse of the Mai Manó House, which is a really unusual place. The exercise is held by Spala Korinna, after which we can even look at the exhibition of László Moholy-Nagy as a deduction.
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📌Adoption Day🐕🐾
On 13 April, the Eszkeláp Animal Protection Association will host an adoption day where dachshunds and blends will strive to win the hearts of their prospective owners in Anker. Most of the time the photos do not tell you what a dog’s personality is, so it will definitely be worth meeting the people in person.
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📌Vegan Sunday Market🍅🍇🥑
The next Vegan Sunday Market will be held on April 14 at the usual site, Anker. In Hungary’s only community vegan market, we can not only get raw materials, but also participate in workshops, lectures and round tables.
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