Top things to do this weekend in Bratislava

10.04.2019 - 14.04.2019

Hello friends! How are you? Let’s celebrate the weekend in Bratislava with us. Here are some tips where and how:

💥 BRUNCH IN ZEITLOS – April 14, next BRUNCH in Zeitlos will be ready for our customers. MENU: English breakfast: beans, bacon, sausages, sausages, ox eyes, hard eggs, falafel pancakes, tzatziky, baked potatoes with rosemary, vegan chilli (beans, chickpeas), roasted tomatoes, salted caramel, brioche, brownies, pancakes, maple syrup, fruit bowl, sliced melon. Bon appetite!

💥 COFFEE MARKET – Coffee Market for the 5th time! Coffee makers and coffee fans will meet in the Fresh Market on April 12-13. 2019 for the 5th time. Once again, you can enjoy freshly roasted coffee from Slovak roasters and coffee from abroad. Do you like espresso, cappuccino or do you prefer alternative preparations? At COFFEE MARKET you will surely find your „cup of coffee“ 😉 What’s more, the coffee bean can be found in various forms here – also as coffee cosmetics, cheesecake, liqueur or even coffee beer.

💥 NU DANCE FEST 2019 – The 14th year of Nu Dance Fest will bring to Bratislava the best of contemporary dance and movement theater from the last seasons. In April, Bratislava will once again become the venue for the international contemporary dance and movement theater festival, Nu Dance Fest.

💥 PIKANTE 2019 – Kizomba festival. The hottest ingredients – hand in hand – with a lasting classic. 5 parties, 10 artists, 20 workshops.

💥 THE ART OF FOLK DANCE – Why sit when you can dance? Enjoyable Sunday for dance lovers or for those who would like to learn Slovak folk dances. You will be in touch with the traditions from the heart of Slovakia. The lesson will be held in English.

💥 EUROVEA FASHION FORWARD – From April 9th to April 12th, trend lovers can experience the same atmosphere as at the world’s fashion shows. The old Warehouse 7 building will present the new Spring / Summer 2019 collections, world fashion brands represented in Eurovea, as well as collections of well-known fashion designers.

💥 RACING MOTORS DAY – A day for sports car lovers. What can you look forward to? Experience driving in sports cars – Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche Boxster. A great atmosphere and the staff will look forward to seeing? you there.

💥 FAUNIA BRATISLAVA – The largest exhibition of exotic animals in Bratislava. Come and see the smaller or larger snakes, crocodiles, lizards, fish and other exotic animals. Visitors will be able to meet aquarists, terarists, exchange their experience with them, or consult. Furthermore, they will be able to choose from a wide range of terrarium animals, terarist products, aquarium fish, shrimps, snails, aquatic plants, branded feeds, aquarium preparations, medicines and techniques for the terrarium and aquarium, etc.

Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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Bratislava, Slovakia



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