„Football and the Arab world“

10.04.2019 - 21.07.2019

The Institute of the Arab World, from April 10, 2019, dedicates its new temporary exhibition to the most popular sport of the world: football. In an immersive scenography the visitor discovers – in the manner of a player entering a football field – 11 human epics of players and supporters in the Arab world: the team of the National Liberation Front of Algeria, the famous player Larbi Ben Barek, the rise of women’s football in Jordan or the city of Cairo as capital of football …What is the place of football in Arab societies? What role do the countries of the Arab world play in the football world? Who are the big players in this sport? So many new angles discussed in the exhibition to tell football stories and provide a key to understanding the political and social issues structuring the Arab world since the beginning of the 20th century. Iconic objects, photographs, archive extracts, documentaries, interviews are completed by the work of several contemporary artists. Several interactive experiences are also offered to visitors: compose his ideal Arab football team, slip into the skin of a sports commentator …

Place: L’Institut du Monde Arabe
Dates: April 10- July 21
Opening hours: 10am-6pm
Price: 12€
Access: Metro 7, 10 : Jussieu
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Institut du monde arabe, 1 Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard, 75005 Paríž, Francúzsko


12€ EUR

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