April in Dance at the Palladium Theater

05.04.2019 - 17.04.2019

Four events (5; 9; 13 and 17 April) in the name of great dance and artistic research, which look towards the exploration of the body and space, in their thousands of expressive facets.

The „Aprile in danza“ festival , promoted by the Palladium Roma Tre Foundation and conceived by Luca Aversano, is now in its fourth edition . The initiative is part of the „Contemporanea“ section of the very rich program of the Palladium, a space that the Foundation dedicates to the experimental and innovative show, with particular regard to the dance field.

April in dance 2019, the event
It starts on Friday 5 April at 8.30 pm with „The Lovable Remains“, a play for 5 performers and music designers by Loris De Luna and Sara Lupoli. A show that tells the story of a family, with its imbalances and its findings, its parties and abandonments, its concerted rites and the unexpected events that break them. It does so through the bodies of five performers of the Körper Company: a table, five chairs and the essential to set the table for a meal that will never be consumed, in a crescendo of obstacles that transform the nature of the interactions and the meaning of the objects . A continuous movement, an emotional and bodily journey in a variable landscape in which music, literature, theater, mythology and dance embrace to create a rhythmic tension that progressively transforms the relations between bodies and the relationship with space.

Tuesday 9 Aprilat 8.30 pm the theater stage hosts one of the best-known Italian companies across the border: the Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, star of the „Spellbound Evening“. A gala in which the dancers (Maria Cossu, Alice Colombo, Pablo Girolami, Mario Laterza, Giuliana Mele, Caterina Politi, Aurora Stretti, Giacomo Todeschi) propose a mixed program with choreographies all signed by Mauro Astolfi: Formami, Small Crime, Hunger and Grace, Man Made and finally the unpublished In the Offing. The works presented are suites and small creations that for a long time were not on stage in a Roman stage and represent a synthesis of the best productions. The „Spellbound Evening“ shows the sophisticated artistic path of a company that is now a leader in the international dance scene,

Saturday, April 13 at 8.30 pm is the turn of „Indoor“, a show freely inspired by the work of DF Wallace by and with Anna Dego and Alessandro Mor. „Indoor“ is a game played in two between a table, two chairs and a coat rack. A man and a woman are about to leave. In the brief moments in which you put on your coat and tie your shoes, streams of thoughts go through them: space begins to transform, time expands, the real world fades into the imaginary one. I’m in the game. The man and the woman face each other, they support each other, they get angry. More like dance partners than adversaries, their fragility, dreams and fears bounce back. You can’t back out, no sidelines, no fifths, you can only play all the way before you leave.

The last appointment with „Aprile in danza“ is Wednesday, April 17 : at 8.30 pm, Device # 1 is staged, an action for the students of the Da.Re Dance Research project, a three-year training and research course in contemporary performing arts that focus on the questions of presence, the body, movement, dance. The workshop paths are led by four protagonists of contemporary dance: Adriana Borriello, Michele Di Stefano, Daniele Ninarello and Silvia Rampelli, united by the desire to transmit and share practices and reflections. Moreover, the evening at the Palladium represents one of the first opportunities for comparison with the public’s eyes.

The program
Friday 5 at 8.30 pm
The lovely remains Family variations with
Pièce table for 5 performers and music designer
Loris De Luna and Sara Lupoli
conception and creation Sara Lupoli and Loris De Luna
performers Giovanfrancesco Giannini, Marianna Moccia, Sara Lupoli, Antonio Nicastro, Francesco Russo
music designer Francesco Giangrande aka Göreme
violin and noise impro Alfredo Pumilia
light designer Riccardo Cominotto
photos Federica Capo, Sabrina Cirillo
graphic Sofia De Capoa, Sara Lupoli
production Körper
co-production Casa del Contemporaneo
with the support of PianoBe, ArtGarage
LAC LiveArtsCultures, Liquid Art System

Tuesday 9 at 8.30 pm
Spellbound evening – Spellbound Contemporary Ballet
choreographies Mauro Astolfi
with Pablo Girolami, Lorenzo Capozzi, Giuliana Mele,
Giacomo Todeschi, Maria Cossu, Alice Colombo,
Caterina Politi, Mario Laterza, Aurora Stretti
Spellbound production
realized with the contribution of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities

Saturday 13 at 20.30
freely inspired by the work of DF Wallace
by and with Anna Dego and Alessandro Mor
lighting design Stefano Mazzanti
musical elaborations Carlo Dall’Asta
organization Barbara Pizzetti
photographs Silvio Gandellini,
production Compagnia Dego / Mor
project supported by Fattoria Vittadini
artistic residences CLAP Spettacolodalvivo and Olinda, Milan

Wednesday 17 at 20.30
Device # 1
action for the students of the training improvement project in dance and performative disciplines
from the laboratory pathways conducted conducted by: Adriana Borriello, Michele Di Stefano, Daniele Ninarello, Silvia Rampelli, Gianni Staropoli (light) with the contribution by Antonella Talamonti.
With: Valentina Buffone, Margherita Celestino, Marina Donatone, Carolina Ellero, Beatrice Fedi, Verdiana Gelao, Chiara Lucisano, Giulia Manili, Delia Occhiucci, Aurora Pica, Luca Piomponi, Valentina Sansone, Benedetta Uda.
Organization: Anna Damiani. Organizational assistant: Marica Marenna
DA.RE. – Dance Research is a project promoted by La Scatola dell’Arte
supported by the MiBACT

Tickets: full price € 18, reduced price € 12, students € 8

Active Ticket Office , only during the box office opening hours (opens two hours before the show), the number: 0657332768
Reservations via e-mail biglietteria.palladium@uniroma3.it; presales www.liveticket.it/TeatroPalladium
Info line for reservations cell 350 011 9692 (active every day, 11: 00-13: 00 / 16:00 – 20:00)

Location: Teatro Palladium Università Roma Tre, Piazza Bartolomeo Romano, Roma
Date: April 5-17
Cost: 18 Euros


Teatro Palladium Università Roma Tre, Piazza Bartolomeo Romano, Roma, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


18 EUR

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