Learn to make a Chinese classic buns


Hua Juan are steamed Chinese buns and like dumplings, another staple of the Chinese kitchen, similar to white bread in the western cuisine. Traditionally these rolls are seasoned with spring onions, but there are lots of possible versions. In this workshop you will learn to shape these beautiful buns, the traditional way and fill it in 2 variations- savoury and sweet. In China Hua Juan are traditionally eaten with soup or congee. Tanyami will surprise you with a dish to go with your Hua Juan for a communal tasty dinner together.

Place: Daheim Manufaktur, Dieffenbachstraße 68
Date: 6. April 2019
Start: 11 A.M.
Admission: 38 EUR

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Daheim Manufaktur, Dieffenbachstraße 68, Berlin, Germany


38 EUR

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