New Style Hip Hop


Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, popularly known as “Les Twins” or Larry “Ca Blaze” Bourgeois and Laurent “Lil Beast” Bourgeois, are a hip hop dance duo originating from Sarcelles, France. The twin brothers, who are of Guadeloupean descent, are known worldwide for their talents in New Style dancing. Les Twins have appeared on the television show „Incroyable Talent“ as well as the „Ellen DeGeneres Show.“ Les Twins have competed in multiple dance competitions such as: World Of Dance, Battle Of The Stylez, Urban Dance Showcase and won the Juste Debout Dance Competition in the Hip-Hop New Style category in 2011. They come from a large family with 18 siblings, nine of whom dance.

Place: motion*s Tanz- und Bewegungsstudio Stella Caric GmbH, Prinzenstr.
Date: 7. April 2019
Start: 7 P.M.
Admission: 44 EUR

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Prinzenstraße, Berlín, Berlin, Germany


44 EUR

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